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Deciding between a few majors? Trying to figure out what to do with your identified major? Interested in exploring what it means for you to live a life of purpose? Then Pathfinders is the place for you! This sophomore only group meets during October and November and is coordinated by the Career Center. It offers weekly support, peer mentorship, and step by step guidance through the career exploration and vocational discernment process. By the end of the semester, each participant will have a gained a clearer understanding of their intended major/minor, a better understanding of their career options, and the tools to navigate future career decisions.

Information about Pathways 2023-2024 and how to apply will be posted here in early Fall.


Pathfinders is a supportive and encouraging community of sophomore students committed to contemplative action to unearth their authentic selves within the context of major exploration and declaration.


Founded upon the Jesuit practice of action grounded in meaningful contemplation, the Pathfinders program aims to:

  • Explore—passions, strengths, opportunities, and questions pertinent to the major declaration and vocational discernment journey.
  • Reflect—to find meaning and direction from daily experiences.
  • Act—through small consistent steps toward vocation and to aid others on their unique paths to purpose.

Questions can be directed to the Assistant Director of Career Discovery, Rachel Bachman, at