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Calendar of Events

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September 2017

September              Immersion application available.

September 6           Govanstowne Farmers Market!

September 9-12      HoundServe Opp: Building a Healthy Neighborhood @

                                       Wilson Park

September 13         Community Service Fair

September 13         Govanstowne Farmers’ Market

September 16         HoundServe Opp: Urban Bird Fest

September 20         Farmers’ Market

September 22         Ignatian Family Teach-in applications


September 22-24    CCSJ 25th Anniversary programs

September 24         Last Sunday at Beans and Bread

September 25 -       Ignatian Family Teach-in applications due by 9am

September 27         Govanstowne Farmers’ Market

September 27         Ignatian Family Teach-In delegation decision letter out

September  28        Engaged Faculty Happy Hour, Starlite Diner



October 2017

October 2               All Domestic Immersion Programs, EES, Project U.S. and SBO due

October 4               York Road Partnership Meeting

October 7               HoundServe Opp: Play Fit, Stay Fit @ Govans Elementary

October 14             York Road Community Day

October 24             Housing Forum-Doug Donovan

October 26             Faculty-Partner Networking Happy Hour, Starlite Diner

October 28             York Road Community Day

October 29             Last Sunday at Beans and Bread


November 2017

November              Presence for Christmas sign-ups begin

November 1           York Road Partnership Meeting

November 4           York Road Community Day

November 4-6        Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice; Washington DC

November 9           Post-Graduation Service Fair (tentative)

November 16         From Serving Time to Serving Others: A Panel on Prison


November 17         International Immersion Applications Due

November 18         York Road Community Day        

November 26         Last Sunday at Beans and Bread

November 29         CCSJ Student Internship Application Available online

November 30         Engaged Faculty Happy Hour, Starlite Diner

November              Engaged Scholarship panel presentation from recent

                                       recipients of Kolvenbach, Engaged Scholarship


December 2017

December 8          Lessons & Carols / PFC gifts Due

December 31        Last Sunday at Beans and Bread


January 2018

January 16            Nominations due, Fac. Award for Excellence in Engaged


January 16            The Kolvenbach grant applications are due

January 25            Engaged Faculty Happy Hour, Starlite Diner

January 28            Last Sunday at Beans and Bread


February 2018

February               Advocacy event during Maryland Legislative Session

February 22          Engaged Faculty Happy Hour, Starlite Diner

February 25          Last Sunday at Beans and Bread


March 2018

March 2-11           Spring Break Outreach Immersion

March 14              CCSJ Student Intern Applications Due

March 19              Speaker: Brian Stevenson "Just Mercy"

March 20              Speaker: Casey Gerald                 

March 25              Last Sunday at Beans and Bread

March 29              Engaged Faculty Happy Hour, Starlite Diner


April 2018

April                     Advocacy day 10am -2:30pm

April                     Special Olympics

April 26                Engaged Faculty Happy Hour, Starlite Diner

April 29                Last Sunday at Beans and Bread



May 2018

May                      Service-Learning Faculty Fellows Seminar

May                      Faculty Development

May 18                 CCSJ Service Send-Off Reception

May 21- June 1    Encounter El Salvador Trip

May 27                 Last Sunday at Beans and Bread