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Post-Graduate Service

In the spirit of the Jesuit tradition of being "for and with others" we aim to support students in incorporating community engagement and justice into their lives after graduation. CCSJ works closely with the Loyola Career Center to ensure public, non-profit, and volunteer organizations are invited to annual career fairs. Serving with a public or nonprofit agency full-time after graduation may be a great way to explore a career, pursue a passion, and develop skills and knowledge. Through organizations like Jesuit Volunteer Corps, AmeriCorps, PeaceCorps, Notre Dame Mission Volunteers AmeriCorps, and Teach for America members usually receive a stipend and benefits in exchange for work with individuals and communities in need.

Why Consider Post-Graduate Service?

  • Post-graduate service opportunities offer full-time employment related to your career and major, often with responsibilities greater than typical entry-level positions for recent graduates.
  • Embrace the opportunity to challenge yourself. Deepen your awareness, build relationships, witness and engage issues of injustice.
  • Meet pressing needs by engaging in work that supports under-resourced communities and works towards creating systemic change.
  • Often programs provide housing, health insurance, and a monthly personal stipend. Many support loan deferral, offer education grants, and hold partnerships with graduate school programs to support your continued education with an advanced degree.

Please contact any member of the CCSJ team to set up time to discuss how you can incorporate service and justice into your life following graduation, including your interests in post-graduate service.