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Community Compost Bin

Community Compost Bin

As part of the Baltimore Comprehensive Composting Pilot in partnership with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore, Department of Public Works, Johns Hopkins University, and the University of Maryland – Baltimore, we are pleased to offer a community compost drop-off site at 5104 York Rd (site of the Govanstowne Farmer’s Market)! The collection bin is located next to the community fridge. The overarching goal of the Baltimore Comprehensive Composting Pilot is to increase Baltimore City residents’ and communities’ access to composting and food waste reduction opportunities by removing long standing educational, social, and economic barriers.

What We Do and Do Not Accept


Graphic showing what can and cannot be composted

The graphic above outlines what can and cannot be accepted as compost in the Govans Farmers Market Community Compost bin. The following can be composted: pasta, vegetables, rice, coffee grounds, cereal, fruits, eggshells, tea bags (without staples), grains, and bread. The following cannot be composted and will contaminate otherwise usable compost: dairy products, plastic bags, meat, crustation shells, bones, produce stickers, pet droppings, and oily foods.

How To Participate

Graphic showing the 3 rules of participating in composting

To use the Govans Community Compost Collection bin, you must sign in before you compost via QR code or our physical sign-in sheet. To ensure our compost bin is free of contamination, we ask all who wish to participate to complete a Comprehension Quiz on composing with us. The Quiz has 11 questions and will check to see if you understand our rules and what we do and do not accept as compostable material. All the information you will be asked about can be found on the graphics on this page.

Take the quiz here!

More Information About the Govans Farmers Market