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Advocacy and Citizenship

As a Jesuit Catholic University, all members of the Loyola community are called upon to act in solidarity with one another. Simply put, that is seeking to understand someone with a different lived experience and then advocating with them for change. Broad opportunities are available for Loyola community members to be in solidarity and be active citizens. Advocacy initiatives are deeply connected with the priorities and vision of the communities directly impacted by various justice issues and serve as a tool to mobilize and build Loyola’s political power on the local and state level.

What is Advocacy?

  • Advocacy Definition: An action or set of actions to publicly support or recommend a cause or policy
  • Critical Components of justice-based advocacy:
    •  Anti-racist, intersectional lens
    • Shifts power to marginalized communities
    • Lead by impacted communities

How to become an active Ignatian citizen?

As Ignatian Citizens, members of the Loyola community see themselves as part of something larger, recognizing they are responsible for the betterment of our shared world.  We encourage your civic participation in our democracy, in promotion of a more just and equitable world.

Advocacy Toolbox

  • Written contact: Letters, petitions, social media campaigns (usually through coalition work)
  • Media: Letters to the editor, op-ed, earned media, press-conferences, Spokespeople or pictures
  • In-person meetings
  • Assembly: Rallies, protests, marches
  • Awareness: Ads, canvassing

Get Involved Right now:

  • Contact Advocacy & Awareness Events intern at advocacysc@loyola.edu to start an advocacy initiative on campus or sign up for future opportunities.
  • Exercise your right to vote! Loyola Votes can help with voter registration, make requests for absentee/mail-in ballots, or receive voting reminders via text or email.
  • Follow our CCSJ FacebookTwitter & Instagram Pages to stay up to date on service, awareness events, advocacy initiatives and campaigns. Don't forget to follow our York Road Initiative's Facebook,Twitter & Instagram pages as well to stay engaged !
  • Catch the Govanstowne's Farmer's Market June through September! Meet local farmers, enjoy delicious food, visit with our community, enjoy music, sweet treats and much more!
  • Interested in Sustainability? Stay engaged and up to date by emailing sustainability@loyola.edu

Want More? Follow These Community Partners:

Social Media is a great way to stay engaged and involved. Stay up to date through posts about meetings, events, calls to action, articles etc.

York Road Partnership

Baltimore Education Coalition

CASA de Maryland

Community Development Network

Ignatian Solidarity Network

Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle

Maryland Hunger Solutions

Strong City Baltimore

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