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Faculty Fellows Seminars

CCSJ offers two seminars for faculty development: the Faculty Fellows for Service-Learning Seminar, which serves as an introduction to community-engaged pedagogy; and the Reignite Community-Engaged Teaching Seminar, for established instructors to advance their teaching practice.

Faculty Fellows for Service-Learning Seminar

The Faculty Fellows for Service-Learning Seminar is an introduction to service-learning pedagogy, and provides an opportunity to integrate this pedagogy into an appropriate course in the company of friends and colleagues from a number of departments. The seminar is also an opportunity to learn about other types of engaged scholarship in addition to service-learning. See here current list of Faculty Fellows.


Faculty Fellows for Service-Learning form a professional learning community of up to 15 participants who engage throughout the seminar in the following ways:

  • Investigate the theories and models of learning behind service-learning
  • Meet community partners and explore reciprocal partnerships
  • Explore ways to use structured reflection to integrate diverse forms of learning
  • Provide and receive feedback on course development in interactive small groups
  • Explore issues of racial justice, social identity, privilege, and power
  • Learn about various forms of engaged scholarship in addition to service-learning


Faculty members who complete the Faculty Fellows for Service-Learning Seminar will:

  • Receive a one-time course release in the semester they first teach a service-learning designated course. See the university's policy for details.
  • Have service-learning sections capped at 80% of standard enrollment. See the university’s policy for details.
  • Join Loyola’s Community-Engaged Faculty network and receive invitations to future professional development workshops and funding opportunities.

Seminar Meeting Times and Dates

The seminar takes place during five sessions scheduled throughout the spring semester, with a final wrap-up day scheduled during Welcome Week (the week before the start of classes) in August. Meetings during the spring semester take place every 2-3 weeks.


  • Eligibility: All full-time, continuing faculty are eligible to participate
  • Application Deadline: December 1
  • Seminar Limit: 15
  • Guest Fellows: Up to five faculty from neighboring colleges and universities are invited to participate as Guest Fellows, if space is available.

Seminar Readings and Integration Project

Course readings made available on the Faculty Fellows for Service-Learning Teams site will guide seminar conversations and individual inquiry. In addition, each Fellow commits to: 

  • integrating service-learning into one of their upcoming courses;
  • applying to have that course designated as a service-learning course;
  • teaching the course at least once during the next two years; and
  • serving as a departmental mentor and advocate for service-learning and engaged scholarship.

Following the five spring-semester sessions, Fellows have the rest of the summer to work individually on their service-learning Integration Projects. During the last seminar meeting at the end of August, Fellows present their service-learning courses and syllabi to one another and invite constructive review and feedback from their colleagues in the seminar.

The Integration Project requires Fellows to understand basic criteria for service-learning courses, select an appropriate course, develop learning objectives for service-learning in the course, identify appropriate community partners (agencies, schools, businesses), and integrate service-learning (including structured reflection, evaluation, and assessment procedures) into the syllabus. Stephen Park, Faculty Director of CELS, is happy to assist Fellows in their efforts over the summer and during the academic year.

University Service

Service-learning is a high-impact teaching practice and is considered significant service to the University, both for the purposes of annual faculty evaluation and for carrying out the university’s mission.

Application Process

If you are interested in participating in the Faculty Fellows for Service-Learning Seminar, please complete the application by December 1.

Faculty Fellows for Service-Learning Application Form

Reignite Community-Engaged Teaching Seminar

The Reignite Community-Engaged Teaching Seminar is an opportunity for established instructors to further develop their teaching practice. They will bring to the seminar a specific plan to advance their teaching, and, over the course of a semester, they will work with likeminded faculty to develop a new course or pedagogy. Plans might include: designing a new course, working with a new community partner, learning and applying a new methodology (such as Critical Service-Learning or antiracist pedagogy), or some other substantial change to teaching practice. See here current list of Reignite Fellows.


Reignite Fellows form an advanced professional learning community of up to 3 mid-career faculty members who build on one another’s experience as community-engaged teachers. Over the course of a semester, this small cohort will:

  • Meet 3 times over the course of the semester with other Reignite Fellows and the Faculty Director of CELS.
  • Read current articles on community-engaged teaching, which will be selected to meet the particular needs of the Reignite Fellows in each cohort.
  • Develop a new or revised course through the seminar.


Faculty members who complete the Reignite Community-Engaged Teaching Seminar will:

  • Receive a $1,000 stipend for their work.
  • Engaged in substantial professional development, which can be noted in Tenure, Promotion, and Annual Review.

Seminar Meeting Times and Dates

The seminar takes place during three sessions scheduled throughout the spring semester. These meetings will be scheduled around participating Fellows’ availability.


  • Eligibility: Full-time, continuing faculty who have taught service-learning courses at Loyola for at least three years
  • Application Deadline: April 17
  • Seminar Limit: 3

Application Process

If you are interested in participating in the Reignite Community-Engaged Teaching Seminar, please complete the application by April 17.

Reignite Community-Engaged Teaching Application Form

Contacts and for more information

  • Stephen Park: Faculty Director for Community-Engaged Learning and Scholarship, smpark@loyola.edu
  • Ben Belz: Assistant Director for Academic Engagement, btbelz@loyola.edu

2023 Reignite Community-Engaged Teaching Seminar

David Carey: Professor of History 

Headshot Professor Carey

Michelle Gawerc: Associate Professor of Sociology

Headshot Professor Gawerc

Jessica Locke: Associate Professor of Philosophy 

Headshot Professor Locke

2023 Faculty Fellows For Service-Learning Seminar

John Dougherty: Assistant Professor of Economics

Jessica Enos: Assistant Clinical Professor of Teacher Education

Headshot Jessica Enos

Gregory Hoplamazian: Associate Professor of Communications

Headshot Professor Hoplamazian

Amanda Kramer: Assistant Director of Resource and Technology Services

Headshot Director Kramer

Becky Walker: Assistant Teaching Professor of Theology 

Becky Walker