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The Center for Community Service and Justice partners with nonprofits, schools, and programs in Baltimore City and beyond that provide service and learning opportunities for Loyola students and employees, and create impact for a more just and equitable world.  Please contact CCSJ to learn more.

Our community partners are organizations and groups who:

  • Work for aims of social justice.

  • Communicate and build relationships with partners, helping define clear roles of students and staff members, considering the health and safety of volunteers, and continuously working to improve the partnership.

  • Educate for civic engagement and social justice as they engage in the work of change-making.   

CCSJ offers multiple ways for community members and organizations to partner:

  • Through one-time service, Loyola students, faculty and employees serve on their own, or groups or classes are matched with partners for one-time projects.   See “HoundServe” opportunities for calendared events in our Service and Volunteerism page.

  • Through ongoing service, students, faculty, and employees volunteer on their own time, usually for a few hours weekly each semester.  See “The Service Thing” opportunities for calendared events in our Service and Volunteerism page.

  • Through service-learning courses, Loyola faculty choose community partners based on what service connects to course content. Service can be site-based, such as serving food at a meal program and project-based, e.g., creating a promotional video for a partner organization, or both.

  • Through research, evaluation, and other scholarly work, Loyola faculty work in partnership with community organizations, a practice Loyola supports.

  • Through planning, technical assistance, backbone support, projects, and programs as part of our York Road Initiative, Loyola students, faculty, and employees support greater Govans residents, neighborhoods, schools, non-profits through integrated community development.

  • Through immersion programs, Loyola students, faculty and employees immerse themselves in volunteering and community-based learning with communities locally and abroad.

  • Through coalition membership, advocacy, and presence, Loyola students, faculty, and employees support social justice movements and social change.