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Student Intern Position Descriptions

The Center for Community Service + Justice (CCSJ) and York Road Initiative engage over 2,000 students, staff and faculty each year and CCSJ Student Interns make it possible by connecting Loyola’s campus to the Baltimore community through relationship-building, education and advocacy.

There are three types of internship positions:

These positions will be paid $11.75 per hour.  The maximum working hours per week for each position are varied between 10-15 hours.

General Qualifications

CCSJ Student Interns are the leaders of community engagement and justice education activities on campus and therefore must possess strong interpersonal skills including communication, organization, collaboration and professionalism. Interns must show good judgment and respect the backgrounds and experience of a diverse group of people.

In addition, a CCSJ Student Intern must:

  • Be a rising sophomore, junior or senior
  • Have a minimum 2.5 grade point average (GPA) both cumulative and the semester prior to applying.  
  • Complete the application and interview process by the stated deadlines.
  • Be in good conduct standing with the university.  A judicial review will be conducted for all applicants.
  • Have participated in one or more community engagement experiences.
  • Have a personal interest in issues related to social justice.
  • Be able to articulate connections between service experiences and related social justice issues.

General Expectations

If you are selected and choose to accept the position, you must agree to:

  • Not hold additional employment or commitments that exceed 15 hours per week total.
  • Decline Evergreen, Resident Assistant, Campus Ministry Intern, member of the SGA executive board, full-time student teaching, or any other position that conflicts with the two-week training in August.
  • Abide by all of the policies and regulations of Loyola’s Code of Student Conduct, as well as those of federal and local jurisdictions. 
  • Meetings & Trainings:
  1. Attend and participate fully in the 1.5 week intern training in August and a one-day training in January.
  2. Participate in regular one-on-one meetings and/or bi-weekly team meetings with supervisor
  3. Engage in regular Racial Justice Formation including a weekly Racial Justice Reflection. 
  4. Attend monthly All-Intern Meetings. 

Position Descriptions

Student Administrative Assistant

All Student Administrative Assistant positions are working a maximum of 10 hours per week to support CCSJ in establishing a welcoming and safe environment that fosters education through community engagement and relationship-building. 

Primary roles are:

  • to staff the front desk
  • to work as a team with other Student Administrative Assistants to provide clerical and administrative support to CCSJ professional staff, graduate assistants and interns.
  • to perform the assigned specific tasks which pertain to the steady operation of the Center. 

Student Administrative Assistant Qualifications:

In addition to the CCSJ Intern General Qualifications, Student Administrative Assistant applicants should:

  • Have experience in community service and interest in social justice issues.
  • Possess work experience in one or more of the following areas: Customer Service, Hospitality, Event Management, Desk Assistance is highly preferable. 
  • Working command of Microsoft Office, particularly Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

General Student Administrative Assistant Responsibilities:

  • Gain a full knowledge of CCSJ mission and programs
  • Greet visitors with hospitality (answer questions, take messages, refer to full-time staff)
  • Keep the office common space and lobby clean and organized
  • Provide office support: post flyers, run errands, bulk mailings, make copies, scans, fax, empty mail bag and distribute the mails, organize and distribute incoming faxes, refill paper in the copy machine
  • Check in with and assist Center full-time staff and service coordinators with projects and tasks
  • Check ccsjsa@loyola.edu Outlook email during work hours and respond to project accordingly
  • Coordinate Motor pool related tasks, i.e. submitting request, submitting cancellation, forwarding approval to the student participants when it has been approved by Transportation & Parking Department

Student Administrative Assistant Position Descriptions:

 Student Intern Relations/Office Supply & Storage Maintenance/Office Cleanliness & Sustainability

  • Maintain CCSJ Storage Room at HU24 (basement) and office supplies (front desk cabinets and drawers).
  • Communicate with the CCSJ Program Assistant when there is a shortage in inventory and assist in making orders.
  • Collaborate with Service Coordinators to keep the storage organized.
  • Coordinate card circulation celebrating student interns' birthdays.
  • Send reminder e-mails to the entire staff about office and campus-wide events.
  • Organize committees and prepare for student intern gatherings including special events (i.e. birthday parties, holiday parties, etc).
  • Water the plants around the office regularly.
  • Educate staff about sustainability (through emails, projects, e-newsletter etc).
  • Collaborate with organizations on campus (Environmental Action Club, etc) when you can to learn more ideas for sustainability in the office. 

Library Management & Website Management 

  • Organize the CCSJ library and keep track of the books/DVDs that are checked out.
  • Promote the library by selecting a "spotlight" book every 2 weeks.
  • Update the catalog online in CCSJ website.
  • Provide guidance to student service coordinators and student participants who would like to explore different justice issues materials.
  • Maintain the social justice digital library.
  • Attend training of new website maintenance software as required.
  • Update the CCSJ website as required.

Volunteers Database Coordination & Special Projects

  • Download weekly service participant information data from Site Core.
  • Collect one-time participant information data from Google Docs.
  • Create master rosters for all weekly service and one-time service sites on an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Update master rosters between semesters.
  • Communicate with service coordinators about rosters and student participants.

Project Manager

  • Regularly check the incoming Student Assistant Requests through Inside Loyola - CCSJ Team Site. 
  • Assign the incoming task to the team in consideration of the workload each SA already has.
  • Update the status of each project and follow up with the staff member who assigned the task.
  • Organize and clean the outdated email/projects in "ccsjsa@loyola.edu" Outlook inbox.
  • Maintain and organize student assistant H drive.

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Student Publicity Assistant

The Student Publicity Assistant requires a time commitment maximum of 12 hours per week with the main objective of supporting CCSJ to establish its identity on campus and to educate the campus community about its work. Primary roles of the Student Publicity Assistant are to:

  • Generate, revise and further enhance publicity materials, i.e. through print media, audio/visual media, and electronic/social media. 
  • Complete the creative projects assigned by CCSJ professional staff and Student Service Coordinators, meeting all deadlines and acknowledging the unique needs and traits of each service site or program.
  • Partake in the collaboration effort between CCSJ studio and York Road neighborhood community in creating and implementing various publicity projects that benefit York Road corridor.  

Student Publicity Assistant Qualifications:

In addition to the CCSJ Intern General Qualifications, strong Student Publicity Assistant applicants will:

  • Apply their talents to the following areas: graphic design, page layouts, branding, 2D print media, advertisements or publication design, copy editing, writing and creative marketing solutions. 
  • Possess a background in one or more of the following majors: Advertising/Public Relations, Communications, Digital Media, Management, Marketing, Photography, Studio Arts, or an type of Visual Arts (Not Required).
  • Have a working command of Adobe Creative Suite 6 - Photoshop, Illustrator, Bridge or InDesign, and Final Cut, etc. (Only required for 2D Media Specialist).
  • Have experience in community service and interest in social justice issues (Highly Preferred).

General Student Publicity Assistant Responsibilities:

  • Maintain cooperation with fellow publicity assistants through open and constant communication about project requirements.
  • Maintain professional correspondence and status updates with CCSJ staff and student employees.
  • Maintain two-way communication with staff member requesting projects.  
  • Have a working knowledge of the characteristics of each service site or program, and have an idea of the student or supervisor that oversees each program.

Student Publicity Assistant Position Descriptions:

While specialization opportunities exist for Print Media, Multi-Media and Social Media, and each Student Publicity Assistant will be assigned as the point person for certain specialization.  Every Student Publicity Assistant should understand that they may be asked to perform tasks outside his/her concentration as needed.

2D Print Media Specialist

  • Design appropriately sized flyers, posters, postcards, Greyhound newspaper advertisements, and digital signage. 
  • Update and optimize official printed materials such as handbooks or brochures.
  • Collaborate with social media specialist in designing completed flyers on CCSJ's social media.
  • Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator is preferred. 

Multimedia Specialist: Photography & Videography

  • Take photos and videotape of various community engagement events at community partner sites, on campus, and in the Baltimore neighborhood. This task requires:
  • seeking out appropriate photographic subjects and opportunities/lighting, shooting angle and placement and type of microphone
  • carrying out research and preparation for a shoot;
  • working in different locations and in different circumstances to get the right image/shot;
  • using a range of technical equipment, including cameras, video cameras, lenses, lighting and specialized software.
  • managing the processing and use of images, videos, discussing technical problems, checking for quality and dealing with clients' concerns;
  • preparing proofs for approval;
  • Process and maintain photography database for CCSJ events and programs on the computer storage space.  
  • Work with social media specialist to promote and manage Instagram and YouTube
  • Edit and assemble final visual/audio program material; ensure consistency and relevancy to production; monitor technical quality of end product.
  • Develop a plan or storyboard for the video production, discuss ideas & production setting with supervisor.
  • Test all equipment prior to operation in the field to ensure technical quality of recordings, including audio and lighting apparatus and rechargeable battery capacity.
  • Oversee the security, operation and maintenance of equipment utilized in shooting and editing.
  • Obtain waiver forms from clients or parents/guardians of the clients
  • Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop (preferred, not necessary), Premier Pro, Final Cut (Pro/Express), and experience with “After Effects”(highly preferred).

Social Media Specialist

  • Design, upload and maintain the web-box advertisement and announcement on CCSJ’s homepage.
  • Oversee and coordinate all other social media promotion i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube.
  • Maintain and update CCSJ's Email Newsletter "SPARK" each week with upcoming events, news, and other CCSJ related activities. 
  • Manage all daily social media activities; fostering follower engagement through conversation replies; and monitoring related activity to ensure compliance with relevant CCSJ values.
  • Provide daily oversight of online communities, including interacting directly with followers to promote CCSJ events; answering questions and ensuring a safe environment.
  • Recommend and implement strategies for recruiting new followers and members; fostering loyalty across all social media properties; and optimizing communication strategies.
  • Work closely with other publicity assistants to ensure that social media activities are integrated into overall publicity strategies.
  • Report to supervisor about social media successes and lessons learned.

Project Manager & Community Liaison

  • Oversee proper distribution of all printed materials from start to finish.
  • Keep a final printed material in the portfolio binder.
  • Maintain the completion process while managing and keeping track of project requests.
  • Serve as a liaison between Publicity Assistant team and CCSJ staff, Printing Services Department and York Road community partners.
  • Oversee all publicity projects related to York Road community partners
  • Oversee the posting of Digital Signage around campus.
  • Coordinate meetings with community partners, CCSJ Staff, and/or Faculty Adviser
  • Keep files and notes on all meetings regarding work with community partner.
  • Document the entire life-cycle of community-based project work from kickoff to final hand-off.
  • Create and distribute pre- and post-project evaluations for all stakeholders involved.
  • Delegate tasks to different members of the Publicity Assistant team.

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Student Service Coordinator

All Student Service Coordinator positions are expected to work a maximum or 15 hours per week. Working as a team to provide a wide variety of well-planned service experiences, the student interns of CCSJ strive to engage students and others on Loyola's campus in education through community service. The primary role of the Student Service Coordinator is to act as a liaison between community agencies and Loyola University and as a co-educator in bringing awareness to many different justice issues by providing the support necessary to student participants to ensure that they have a meaningful learning experience.

Student Service Coordinator Qualifications

In addition to the CCSJ Intern General Qualifications, Student Service Coordinators applicants should:

  • Have participated in ongoing service and/or multiple one-time service opportunities through CCSJ.
  • Have actively participated in formal reflections about service through CCSJ.
  • Have involvement in immersions, education and advocacy events (strengthens an application). 

General Student Service Coordinator Expectations & Responsibilities:

  • Serve as a liaison between Loyola and specific agencies or programs in the Baltimore community. 
  • Participate in direct, ongoing service with the Baltimore community (preferably in assigned agencies/programs).
  • Recruit and involve students, faculty and staff in service with the Baltimore community.
  • Handle logistics associated with service programs, including scheduling student participants, recruiting students as drivers, and making Motor Pool reservations.
  • Keep in regular contact with student participants and the community partner to answer questions, provide information, and ensure their experience is going well.
  • Work with faculty to integrate service into the curriculum as determined by the full-time staff, including service-learning or one-time service.
  • Plan and facilitate preparation, reflection, and education activities to help student participants articulate connections between their experiences in the community and related social justice issues.
  • Connect participants with advocacy resources for and about social justice issues relevant at to the community members of their program/site whenever possible.
  • Arrange transportation to and from the service site for themselves and student participants, regardless of whether one has a driver's license. In addition, some job responsibilities require transportation for other tasks. 
  • Track and record student participation and service hours throughout the semester for permanent university records, utilizing Microsoft Excel.

Student Service Coordinator Position Descriptions:

Each Student Service Coordinator is responsible for coordinating specific program listed below and support the partnerships between CCSJ and the service sites.

Advocacy & Awareness

  • Work with Campus Ministry (CM) Social Justice Intern
  • Support and coordinate the Ignatian Solidarity Network’s Ignatian Family Teach-In, in conjunction with the CM Social Justice Intern
  • Support advocacy at the city/state/national level through Baltimore Education Coalition (BEC) initiatives, Stop Homelessness and Reduce Poverty (SHARP) initiatives, Maryland Alliance for the Poor (MAP) initiatives, as well as those of other partnering coalitions and organizations.
  • Support citizenship initiatives: Supporting voter engagement efforts, promoting the utilization of local businesses, using local transportation, supporting students to get involved in different cultural/social justice related events across the city.
  • Support awareness and education events across campus (not create events, yet rather support them through promotion, recruitment, connections, and marketing).
  • Heavily logistical and detail oriented internship position.
  • Manage advocacy + awareness program budget.

The Choice Program - College Night

  • Coordinate weekly service experience and reflections for student participants engaging in College Nights with The Choice Program
  • Plan and run an activity with participants and Choice youth every Thursday from 5-8 pm including a meal (at Boulder), educational activity and recreation.  
  • Work closely with a variety of campus offices including Parkhurst, the FAC and various clubs.
  • Work closely with The Choice Program's staff coordinator in planning the weekly activity
  • Supervise work study student as needed.
  • Manage program budget.
  • Must be available Thursdays from 4-8:30 pm.

Cristo Rey Jesuit High School & St. Ignatius Loyola Academy Middle School

  • Coordinate weekly service experience and reflections for student participants engaging in the academic support programs at:
    • Cristo Rey (about 5-10 student participants per semester)
    • St.Ignatius (about 5-8 student participants per semester)
  • Serve as a tutor one day each week at St. Ignatius and/or Cristo Rey's after-school program.
  • Plan and Coordinate Cristo Rey Visitation Day at Loyola in Spring Semester
  • Manage program budgets.
  • Supervise work study student as needed.

Don Miller House & Healthcare for the Homeless

  • Coordinate weekly service experience and reflections for student participants at Don Miller House- weekly, 30-40 student participants per semester
  • Coordinate weekly service experience and reflections for student participants at Healthcare for the Homeless- weekly, 5-10 student participants per semester
  • Support Agency events as needed (may include some one-time service programs)
  • Manage program budgets for Healthcare for the Homeless and Don Miller House.

Esperanza Center

  • Coordinate weekly service experience and reflections for student participants at Esperanza Center.
  • Coordinate 40-80 student participants, including a significant number of service-learners
  • Liaise with the service-learning faculty members partnering with Esperanza Center.
  • Recruit Motor Pool drivers
  • Spanish language skills are helpful, but not required.
  • Manage program budget.
  • Supervise work study students as needed.

GEDCO (CARES, Harford House, Micah House)

  • Coordinate weekly service experience and reflections for student participants at:
    • Micah House: a place that serves men and women who were experiencing homeless by providing permanent housing with supportive services, about 7-10 student participants.
    • Harford House: a supportive permanent housing facility for men who have experienced homelessness, about 10 student participants.
    • CARES Food Pantry: a food and emergency assistance program of GEDCO for residents of the neighborhoods along York Road, about 25 student participants.
  • Plan and run an activity with student participants & Harford House residents one weekday evening each week.
  • Manage programs budget.
  • Supervise work study student as needed.

Govans Elementary Charter School and After School Program

  • Coordinate weekly service experience and reflections for student participants who are tutoring, mentoring, and classroom assisting at Govans Elementary School; after-school program is four days per week, and classroom assistant program is five days per week
  • Coordinate 50-60 student participants per semester, including a significant number of service-learners.
  • Liaise with any service-learning faculty members partnering with Govans
  • Serve as a tutor at least one day each week 
  • Manage program budget 
  • Supervise work study student as needed     

One-Time Service & Group Service Support

  • Promote/market service opportunities across campus to a diverse audience of students and staff
  • Coordinate one-time service opportunities, preparation sessions & reflections for groups and individuals
  • Lead groups and coordinate transportation when necessary
  • Co-lead Cristo Rey Visitation Day in collaboration with the Cristo Rey Service Coordinator, Assistant Director of Student Supervision, and Associate Director for Programs
  • Coordinate Group Service at Beans & Bread for Last Sunday of the Month Meal Program - 2-3 times a semester, 15-20 participants/semester
  • Support presentations for Messina and classroom requests for information about CCSJ
  • Support the work of one-time service programs (ex: YR Community Days, Presence for Christmas, Meal Programs, etc.)

Group Service & One-Time Service Liaison

  • Promote/market service opportunities across campus to a diverse audience of students and staff
  • Coordinate one-time service opportunities, preparation sessions & reflections for groups and individuals. 
  • Lead groups and coordinate transportation when necessary.
  • Update One-Time Service calendar and one time service partners to communicate current opportunities.
  • Present and recruit/train presenters for Messina and classroom requests for information about CCSJ
  • Support the work of one time service programs (ex: YR Community Days, PFC, Meal Programs, etc.)
  • Research and develop new relationships with one time service partners across the city of Baltimore

York Road Community Days

  • Promote/market York Road Community Days across campus to a diverse audience of students and staff in order to recruit large-scale service days 4 times per semester.
  • Preparation is required for all student participants participating in York Road Community Days. SC will follow the Community 101 model and work to offer reflection after the community day is completed.
  • Recruit, prep, and communicate with student group leaders.
  • Support full time York Road Initiative staff in gathering materials (tools) and setting up the morning of all service days.
  • Saturdays hours are required. 

Immersion & Special Program Support

  • Collaborate with publicity assistants and peer facilitators to recruit participants for immersions.
  • Build and cultivate relationships with student clubs and organizations to help foster further connections and collaboration in relation to immersion opportunities.
  • Coordinate logistics and activities for immersion large-group meetings including Orientation, Pre-departure, and Reorientation.
  • Support the planning of immersion related advocacy opportunities.
  • Support the development and expansion of immersions. Includes researching new possible sites, evaluating feedback from student participants, and listening to the interests of the student body in topics or themes for immersions.
  • Support logistics for other CCSJ programs including the Community Engagement Fair, Mission Centered Service & Employment Fair, and other special events.
  • Support the Bridge Project - a project that involves responding to letters from incarcerated people regarding improvements on their spiritual lives and informative materials.
  • Work with Campus Ministry (CM) Interfaith Intern to plan and conduct reflection session for students who participate in the Bridge Project.

Mother Seton Academy

  • Coordinate weekly service experience and reflections for student participants engaging in the academic support programs at MSA (about 5-10 student participants per semester)
  • Serve as a tutor one day each week at MSA's after-school program.
  • Work closely with MSA's  Director of Extended Day & Volunteer Coordination to plan and implement the after-school academic support program
  • Manage program budgets.
  • Supervise work study student as needed.

Presence for Christmas & Viva House & Special Olympics

  • Coordinate on-going food drive for VIVA House - Catholic Worker House of Hospitality that serves meals and distributes food to families in West Baltimore. 
  • Delivers bags to VIVA House on the last Friday of the month.
  • During the Fall semester, plan and implement Presence for Christmas - campus-wide donation drive recruiting campus sponsors to provide gifts for 500 children in Baltimore City
  • Work closely with a variety of campus offices including Campus Ministry, SGA, and the Fitness and Aquatic Center.
  • During Spring semester, coordinate and recruit for the annual Special Olympics Swim Qualifier - annual swimming event at the Fitness and Aquatic Center hosting Special Olympics athletes from all over Maryland.
  • Must be available on Friday mornings for the monthly delivery of VIVA House bags
  • Support and work with Group Service Liaison SC
  • Supervise work study student as needed.

Refugee Youth Project & Soccer without Borders

  • Coordinate weekly service experience and reflections for student participants engaging in the academic support programs at Refugee Youth Project (RYP), two days per week, and Soccer without Borders (SWB), four days per week.
  • Coordinate 40-70 student participants, including a significant number of service-learners.
  • Liaise with the service-learning faculty members partnering with SWB and RYP.
  • Supervise work study students as needed.
  • Manage program budget.
  • Provide leadership and coordination for other events as needed, such as a benefit soccer tournament, World Refugee Day, or campus visits for RYP or SWB groups.

Tunbridge & Service-Learning

  • Coordinate service program for Tunbridge Public Charter School, primarily a service-learning program, including sign-ups, scheduling, transportation, prep sessions, and tracking attendance.
  • Plan, advertise, and lead general preparation sessions open to service-learning students serving at a variety of sites not otherwise led by an SC.
  • Liaise with service-learning faculty as needed and offer CCSJ reflection resources.   
  • As needed, support specific additional service-learning classes and partnerships with gathering student schedules, application paperwork, and Motor Pool coordination.
  • As needed, serve as an assistant to directly support faculty with reflection, special events, or other community-engagement related academics, at the discretion of the Assistant Director of Academic Engagement.
  • Maintain records of students involved in service-learning.
  • Assist with various other tasks and events in service-learning and community-engaged courses as needed, including data collection.
  • Maintain the service-learning library.

Food Access Program

  • Support the neighborhood leaders and local organizations in their initiatives related to food access in our York Road community.
  • Connect Loyola students to support the needs of these organizations and learn more about justice issues related to food access, nutrition, and sustainability. 
  • Coordinate monthly Solidarity Suppers at St. Alphonsus House and facilitate conversations. 
  • Coordinate weekly service experience and reflections for student participants at Soul Kitchen.
  • Responsible for the sustainable flow of fresh fruits and vegetables to local corner stores.
  • Visit stores to receive fruit and vegetable orders at the beginning of each week (Monday) and place fruit and vegetable orders Monday or early Tuesday. 
  • Pick up and deliver fruits and vegetables from Parkhurst to corner stores before Friday evening each week.
  • Supervise work study student as needed.
  • Manage program budget.
  • Provide leadership and coordination for other events as needed.

Walter P Carter Elementary/Middle & Guilford Elementary

  • Recruit, coordinate, and prepare students for weekly service with youth from two local elementary and middle schools for the following programs:
  • Utilize resources related to York Road Initiative to share information and history about our broader community.
  • Liaise with service-learning faculty and invite service-learning students to participate in reflections.
  • Supervise work study student as needed.
  • Serve as a student participant 1 day per week.

York Road Initiative Support (2 SC positions)

  • Responsible for the sustainable flow of fresh fruits and vegetables to local corner stores
  • Visit stores to receive fruit and vegetable orders at the beginning of each week (Monday)
  • Place fruit and vegetable orders each Tuesday
  • Pick up and deliver fruits and vegetables from Parkhurst before Friday evening each week
  • Provide leadership & communication to additional work-study student assigned to this project
  • Provide administrative support Govan Elementary, Walter P Carter Elementary/Middle, Guilford Elementary and Act4Youth programs
  • Hold regular office hours each week in order to support completion of tasks related to York Road Partnership & York Road Initiative Support.  This could include database entry, paper filing, flyering in neighborhoods, and more.
  • Support the FreshCrate Healthy Corner store program as needed
  • Connect students to the York Road Partnership and share information of York Road community related activities
  • Support York Road related SC's in education, reflection, and engagement
  • Coordinate educational opportunities related to York Road for students (i.e. walking tours, class visits, presentations to leaders and clubs). Become "resident expert" on York Road history.