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Post-Grad Service

Post Grad BrochuresLoyola’s motto of developing "men and women for and with others" includes helping students to incorporate service into their lives after graduation.
CCSJ hosts regular meet and greets with recent Loyola graduates to share their experiences. Please contact any member of the CCSJ Team to set up time to discuss your desires for post graduate service, or stop by CCSJ and look at the brochures and pamphlets that can be found in the organizer next to our Social Justice Library.

CCSJ also works closely with the Loyola Career Center to ensure public, non-profit, and volunteer organizations are invited to bi-annual career fairs. Serving with a public or nonprofit agency full-time after graduation may be a great way to explore a career, pursue a passion, and develop skills and knowledge. Through organizations like Jesuit Volunteer Corps, AmeriCorps, PeaceCorps, Notre Dame Mission Volunteers AmeriCorps, Teach for America, and Loyola Teach in Thailand, members usually receive a stipend and benefits in exchange for work with individuals and communities in need. 

CCSJ has a series of YouTube videos explaining Post Grad service!

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