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CELSJE Summer Research Grant


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Applications are due by the first Friday of the Spring Semester. This year's deadline is January 17, 2025.

The Summer Research Grant Program at the CELSJE offers a $4,000 stipend to SOE faculty members to conduct research that can lead to a funded project from external grant or sponsored program. Two awards are made each year. Grants are recommended by a review committee and approved by the Center’s Director and SOE Dean. One should not assume the committee members to have specialized knowledge in the applicant’s particular discipline. Therefore, proposals are evaluated based on their clarity and cogency as presented in a sophisticated but not highly technical fashion. 

Faculty who are interested in applying for The Summer Research Grant Program at the CELSJE should follow the guideline below. The guideline highlights:1) types of fundable research, 2) conditions of eligibility, 3) teaching load, 4) how to apply, 5) Format of the proposal, and 6) evaluation criteria

Submission Requirements

Faculty members must adhere to the requirements for submission of the summer research grant program for their applications to be reviewed. These requirements are as follows:

1. Applications must be submitted by 5 p.m. on the first Friday of the spring semester.
2. Applications must be submitted electronically using the link above.
3. Applicants may not have received a grant from this program for both of the previous two years.
4. The applicant’s name may not appear in the application (need to be blind version).
5. The applicant must have submitted the required final reports for all CELSJE funded grants received. 
The above requirements will be adhered to strictly. Applicants will receive a system generated confirmation once their proposal has been submitted. After the deadline has passed the CELSJE staff will review all applications to ensure that they meet the requirements listed above. Only those applications that meet these criteria will be forwarded to the review committee. Thank you for your attention to these guidelines. 

Outcome Reports

Submit your outcome reports here:

Submit Here

Examples of previous outcome reports:
2023 outcome report Marie Heath
2023 outcome report Carey Borkoski

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