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Martin Camper

head and shoulder portrait of a man before white brick wallDr. Martin Camper, associate professor of writing, has been the director of the Center for the Humanities since July 2021. He believes the Center is in a powerful position to support, stimulate, and shape humanistic endeavors, on campus and in the broader community, that are truly reflective of the human experience in all its variegated manifestations. His goals include promoting equity and inclusion through the Center’s initiatives, tailoring the Center’s programming to better serve its various constituencies, and raising the Center’s profile through engagement and relationship building with various stakeholders and potential partners. 

Contact Dr. Camper by emailing him at kmcamper@loyola.edu.

Members of the 2022 - 2023 Steering Committee

Stephen Fowl, Dean of the Loyola College of Arts and Sciences
Martin Camper, director of the Center for the Humanities
Kim Derrickson, Associate Vp Academic Budgeting Data and Governance
Martha Taylor, chair of Classics department
Sara Magee, chair of Communication department
Kathleen Forni, chair of English department
Willeke Sandler, chair of the History department
Gayla McGlamery, co-director of the Honors Program
Marian Crotty, director of the Humanities Symposium
Andrea Thomas, chair of Modern Languages and Literatures department
Jeffrey Witt, chair of Philosophy department
Rebekah Eklund, chair of Theology department
Barnaby Nygren, chair of Visual and Performing Arts department
Lisa Zimmerelli, chair of Writing department
Bess Garrett, Center for the Humanities program assistant (esgarrett@loyola.edu)

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