Loyola University Maryland

Center for the Humanities

A Celebration of Teaching, Learning, and Research in the Humanities

On Friday, October 1, 2021 Loyola's Center for the Humanities presented The Big Dig VI. This year's celebration featured Loyola student summer research and internship presentations, and the annual Affiliate Faculty Teaching Award presentation.

We also recognized the service and accomplishments of Dr. Mark Osteen as the director of the Center for the Humanities for the past six years. 

3:00 PM Fourth Floor Program Room
Reception followed on AWSC roof terrace

Loyola Student Summer Research Presentations

  1. four students and two faculty mentors standing together on roof Mhret Alemu: “The Problem with Ethnicity due to Colonial and Cold War Legacies” - Advisor: Oghenetoja Okoh
  2. Julia Cataneo: “Journey of the Soul: Medieval Cartography between Christianity and Islam” - Advisor: Kelly DeVries
  3. Dulce Diaz-Alvarenga: “Life in War: A Chronicle of War-Time El Salvador 1970-1999” - Advisor: David Carey
  4. Stephen Kaiser: “The Earls of Warwick: From Conquerors to Kingmakers” - Advisor: Kelly DeVries

Summer Internship Recipients

  • Anna Graff: Maryland Office for Refugees and Asylees (MORA), Baltimore, MD
  • Cara Kossuth: Fourth District Council Office of Mark Conway, Baltimore, MD
  • Claire Svoboda: VR/XR Technology Services, Loyola-Notre Dame Library, Baltimore, MD

Affiliate Teaching Award 2021

  • Gerard Blair, Lecturer, Communications
  • Brandon Parlopiano, Lecturer, History 

Nachbahr Address

No Nachbahr Award was presented in 2021.

Past Events

The Big Dig V - Fall 2020

Nachbahr Address

  • Kathleen Forni, Ph.D. - The Learning Paradox: Why Knowing How Much You Know Matters

Student Summer Research Presentations

  • Margaret Irwin: “Maryland Asylum and Training School for the Feeble-Minded” - Advisor: Sara Scalenghe
  • Ema-Joanne Brauchler: “Heinrich Bullinger: The Lost Protestant Theologian” - Advisor: Jeffrey Witt
  • Madeline Spath: “Isobel Gowdie: A Case Study of Scottish Witch Folklore and Witch Trials” - Advisor: Jane Edwards
  • Brandon Miller: “Philosophy since Decolonization: A Study of Recent African and Africana Philosophy” - Advisor: Oghenetoja Okoh
  • Shannon Ward: “Recapturing the Adolescent Reader: Discerning Literary Themes that Excite and Inspire” - Advisor: Nicholas Miller
  • Mark Rose: “The Thomist Understanding of Christ’s Corpse Separated from His Soul in the Tomb” - Advisor: Graham McAleer

Summer Study Fellowship

  • Brittany Romanoff: Kaqchikel Maya Language Training at Mayan Language Institute, June 14-July 25, 2020 - Advisor: David Carey

Summer Internship Recipient

  • Mia Conde: Office of the Assistant Attorney General for Public Policy and Legislative Affairs: Washington, DC

Center for the Humanities Affiliate Teaching Award

  • Giuliana Risso Robberto, Modern Languages and Literatures

The Big Dig IV - Fall 2019

The Big Dig III - Fall 2018

Nachbahr Address
  • Thomas Ward, Ph.D. - The Life of the Mind: When Class Overwhelms Race and Gender
Student Presentations
  • Beatrice King, ’19: Gramercy Global in Berlin Germany
  • Gail Rabasca, '19: National Endowment for the Humanities: Office of Congressional Affairs
  • Marisa Gochie, ’19: The Limits of Renewability: The Ethics of "Clean Energy" in Costa Rica
  • Phoebe Labat, ’19: Exploring the Connections between the Choctaws and the Irish during and after the Great Irish Famine
  • Hannah Loiselle, ’19: The Rise of Humanitarianism in the Middle East: The Early Years of the British Syrian Mission (1860-1891)
  • Megan Adlem, ’20: Excavating in the Aegean: The Case of Despotiko at College Year in Athens

Center for the Humanities Affiliate Teaching Award

  • Catherine Savell, M.A., Modern Languages and Literatures

The Big Dig II - Fall 2017

Nachbahr Address

Student Presentations

The Big Dig - Fall 2016

Student Presentations

Panel 1 - Digging Women

  • Katie Wright, Summer Study: Troia Archaeological Summer School and Halmyris Excavation
  • Ian McNeely, Research Fellowship: “The Female Ideal: Representation and Myth in Heliodorus’ Aithiopika”
  • Kelly Keenan, Research Fellowship: “Narratives of Women in the Rwandan Genocide”

Panel 2 - Learning Language and Law

  • Joshua Ziesel, “A Corpus-Based Linguistic Study of Greek Tragic Interjections in Roman New Comedy”
  • Calix O’Hara, Research Fellowship: “The Transcription and Analysis of Sentences Commentaries”
  • Joshua Ziesel, German Study at the Goethe Institut
  • Margaret Kenna, Internship, Hartford Superior Court: The Office of the Public Defender (Judicial District/Part A)

Panel 3 - Digging into Fine Art

  • Rebeccah Swerdlow, Research Fellowship: “Mariana Mirroring Penelope: A Case of Classical Influence on Pre-Raphaelite Painting”
  • Kelly Mueller, Internship at Western Reserve Historical Society