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Government Relations

External Relations actively supports the University’s mission through advocacy on behalf of the institution at the city, state, and federal levels focused on issues pertaining to higher education such as affordability and access to education, financial aid, Title IX, immigration, tax policy implications, employment policies, etc.

Loyola's City, State, and Federal Representatives

Baltimore City Council

  • Mark Conway (4th District)
  • Sharon Green Middleton (6th District)

Maryland General Assembly (Evergreen Campus)


  • Mary Washington (43rd District)

House of Delegates

  • Regina Boyce (43A District)
  • Elizabeth Embry (43A District)

United States Congressional Representatives


  • Christopher Van Hollen
  • Benjamin Cardin

House of Representatives

  • C.A. "Dutch" Ruppersberger

Additionally, there are many Loyola alumni who are also public servants and who we engage with on a variety of issues and concerns.  

Active Citizenship


In promotion of active citizenship, the office of external affairs encourages all those eligible to register to vote and vote in upcoming local and national elections. Members of the Loyola community and those in surrounding areas can find more information at Loyola Votes.