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Medical Separation Policy

Policy on Separation for Medical Reasons (from the 2015-2016 Community Standards Booklet, pp. 54-55)

The intent of this policy is to assist students who are not able to function effectively in the University community for medical reasons, including mental, emotional, or psychological conditions. It is also the intent of this policy to enable the student to continue toward the successful completion of his/her academic goals, if not immediately, then in the future.

A student will be subject to withdrawal from the University if it is determined that the student is suffering from a medical or psychological condition, which can include alcohol or other substance dependence, and as a result of the condition:

1. Engages or threatens to engage in, or is likely to engage in, behavior that poses a significant danger to self or others;

2. Engages or threatens to engage in, or is likely to engage in, behavior that directly and substantially interferes with the lawful activities of others;

3. Engages or threatens to engage in, or is likely to engage in, behavior that substantially impairs the results in the student’s ability to pursue academic work; or

4. Refuses to cooperate with efforts deemed necessary by the vice president for student development/dean of students or his/her designee to determine whether the student’s behavior falls within one or more of the criteria listed above.

The Vice President for Student Development (or “the Dean”) will appoint a designee who will notify the student that a separation for medical reasons is under consideration and arrange for a conference with the student. In addition, the designee may require that the student undergo an evaluation by an appropriate licensed health care practitioner of the student’s choosing within a time period specified by the dean’s designee. The results of this evaluation, along with any recommendations, will be forwarded to the Dean of Students’ office. Any such recommendations are not binding on the University.

Before a student is separated for medical reasons, the dean’s designee shall convene (and may participate in) a review committee comprised of professional staff members from the Counseling Center, the Health Center, and Residence Life & Housing. The committee will review all information related to the case, including any evaluation or treatment plan for the student, and make a decision regarding the student’s status. The dean’s designee shall notify the student in writing of any decision by the review committee to withdraw the student.

Within five days of receiving the notice of withdrawal, the student may appeal the decision by sending a written request to the vice president for student development explaining why the student believes the withdrawal is unwarranted. At the discretion of the vice president for student development, the withdrawal may remain in effect during the period of the appeal. The vice president for student development will review the student’s request, may consult with the student, the dean’s designee, and/or with the review committee, and may review the information considered by the committee. The vice president for student development will make a decision within 5 days of receiving the appeal and will notify the student of the decision. This decision is final. If the vice president for student development is not available to act in connection with the appeal, he or she may appoint a designee; provided, however, that the designee may not be the original designee or an individual who served on the review committee in the student’s case.

If a student’s behavior poses a significant danger of causing imminent harm to the student or to others, or of directly and substantially interfering with the lawful activities of others, the dean’s designee may require an immediate interim withdrawal of the student. Such interim withdrawal will remain in effect until the review committee renders a decision regarding the student’s separation for medical reasons or the dean’s designee otherwise rescinds the interim withdrawal, whichever is sooner. During the period of the interim withdrawal, reasonable efforts will be made to expedite the evaluation and review process described above. A student who is withdrawn under this policy is required to comply with any conditions established by the University at the time of separation or at the time of proposed re-enrollment. In this regard, the dean’s designee may require a recommendation from the director of the Health Center or the director of the Counseling Center or any additional documentation or evaluation deemed necessary.