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Online Training for Graduate Students

Loyola University Maryland offers two on-line courses for your review and completion:

Prescription Misuse - Opioids is offered in compliance with a mandate by the State of Maryland.  Each institution of higher education must have a policy that requires students to participate in heroin and opioid addiction prevention and awareness training.  While graduate students at Loyola receive instructions for completion of this training via email, students may initiate their own training by following the instructions below.

Sexual Assault Prevention for Graduate Students is offered in compliance with federal law.  The course is interactive and contains challenging and interesting real-life situations in an academic setting.  While completion of the Sexual Assault Prevention course is not mandatory, we highly recommend that you complete it this semester.

Both courses are being offered in partnership with Vector Solutions.

Answers to some common questions are listed below:

How do I register for / log in to these courses?

Visit the course registration page, where you will be able to choose which course you would like to take, and where you may log in using your Loyola credentials.

How long do these courses take to complete?

These can be taken at your own pace, and need not be completed in one sitting.  Each course takes about 45 minutes in total.

Are these credit-bearing courses? Do they cost anything?

No, no academic credit is associated with these courses, and they incur no monetary cost to you.

Are there other courses I may take?

Yes, there are a variety of interesting training courses available through the Vector platform.  Once logged in, click "Extra Training" to view the course catalog, which includes content on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Protecting Youth, and HIPAA.

I am having technical problems with the courses.  What can I do?

We recommend Vector's LMS support page as a resource.  For questions specific to graduate student training, you may also consider contacting