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Make a Campus Announcement

Loyola offers several platforms through which to spread the word about events, important announcements, or upcoming deadlines.

Loyola Today (internal audience)

Loyola Today is the University’s collaborative, internal communication platform for all members of the Loyola community to share and discover what’s happening on and around campus—from activities and personnel announcements to critical information about services and deadlines.

Visit the Loyola Today FAQ page to learn how to submit a post to Loyola Today, how the website works, and what to expect in Loyola Today's twice-weekly emails to students, faculty, staff, and administrators.

Loyola Event Calendar (internal and external audience)

The Loyola Event Calendar features events that are open to both internal and external audiences. Request that your event be included.

Submitting events to both the University calendar and Loyola Today is encouraged to ensure a broad audience is reached.

Digital Signage (internal, on-campus)

Have a flyer that you'd like to share around campus? Request that it be posted on the digital signage boards located around campus. Every University department and club can advertise upcoming events on digital signage.

Mass Communications

If you need to email an extremely large group of people on campus (such as all faculty), please complete the mass email request form. The University communications team will review your message, determine the most appropriate channel, and set you up with permissions to send to a distribution list if necessary.

Mass Email Guidelines

Mass emails must greatly impact every recipient on the distribution list. Mass emails will not be permitted to promote optional attendance events or announcements that are not required knowledge.

Mass emails are generally only allowed for the following types of communications:

  • Aggregated university events and deadlines in LoyolaToday (emails are sent Mondays and Thursdays)
  • Emergencies, health and safety (e.g. PM Evergreen, Loyola Alerts)
  • Matters of policy, processes, or federal requirements
  • Timely communication that has direct impact on the recipients

Everything that is not mandatory should be promoted in LoyolaToday. Read the mass communication policy for more information.