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Omni Training

Need access to update your department’s website? Complete an Omni Training and become a Content Owner.

Loyola's self-paced, virtual training course consists of learning modules paired with hands-on exercises within a private sandbox website, and a brief knowledge check quiz to follow. Learners practice how to edit a page, publish a new page, and add images and links in Omni CMS, as well as important best practices to follow for web accessibility and search engine optimization.

The training course and quiz takes approximately 3 hours to complete in total. While the material is designed to be self-paced, learners are asked to complete the training within a week of starting. All employees and students must fully complete the training before receiving access to edit a Loyola website.

To complete the training:

  1. Complete the Omni Training Signup form
  2. A web team member will send a confirmation email with further instructions
  3. Complete the training course and accompanying hands-on exercises
  4. Complete a brief knowledge check quiz, including a web accessibility commitment.
  5. A web team member will review the exercises and quiz and follow up with one of the following:
    1. Final approval and confirmation of your departmental Omni CMS permissions; or
    2. Schedule a brief Zoom meeting to clarify some key concepts before confirming Omni CMS permissions

Please email Kristen Kelly at with any questions.