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This is a place for members of the Loyola community to share their stories that inspire and inform the content we create to bring the Loyola experience to life for all of our audiences: current and prospective students, parents, alumni, donors, faculty/staff/administrators, and others.

The Loyola University Maryland brand reflects our culture, our values, and our distinction. It both unifies our community and clearly defines our sense of purpose and our identity. Loyola's brand is a lived and shared experience that inspires—and depends on—participation from our entire community, because a strong brand starts from within. Thank you for telling us how you see the Loyola brand coming to life on campus, in your work, department, division, or through the stories of individual community members!

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Dr. Tan

Kerry Tan, Ph.D.

This associate professor of economics infuses real-world applications and Jesuit values into his courses to broaden his students’ understanding of the field

Laptop sitting on a desk in a dorm room
Beyond the Classroom

6 things I learned from an online semester

A Loyola student shares six of her biggest takeaways from her fully online fall semester during her senior year, due to COVID-19.