Loyola University Maryland

Office of Mission Integration

Loyola's Jesuit Community

Jesuit SealThe Jesuit Community of Loyola University Maryland shares in the mission of the worldwide Society of Jesus. This mission includes the service of faith and the promotion of justice in dialogue with cultures and with other religions. These values characterize its commitment to the educational apostolate at the University and Loyola Blakefield, Cristo Rey, and St. Ignatius Academy schools in Baltimore. 

We are a community of men with a rich variety of experience from the United States and from other countries and cultures. We are called to witness by our shared lives as vowed religious and priests to the love of Christ, drawing nourishment from the Eucharist and the inspiration of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius and our Jesuit charism.

The principal apostolic commitments of the community are to Loyola University Maryland and its mission as a Catholic and Jesuit university and to Cristo Rey,Loyola Blakefield and, St. Ignatius Academy, their mission as Catholic and Jesuit secondary schools. In collaboration with colleagues, we are committed to inspiring students to learn, lead, and serve in a diverse and changing world.

Community members are also engaged in various other ministries in parishes, religious communities, the Baltimore Archdiocese, the Maryland Province, and beyond.

The community is a place of hospitality for colleagues and students and other Jesuits.

  Rev. John Savard, S.J.
Rector of the Jesuit Community
Lecturer, School of Education 
Rev. Charles Borges, S.J.  Rev. Charles Borges, S.J.
Associate Professor of History 
Rev. Timothy Brown, S.J.  Rev. Timothy Brown, S.J.
Associate Professor of Law and Social Responsibility
Assistant to the President for Mission Integration 
Rev. John Conley, S.J.  Rev. John Conley, S.J.
Knott Professor of Philosophy and Theology 
Rev. Vince Conti, S.J.  Rev. Vince Conti, S.J.
Socius and Admonitor, Maryland Province 
Fr. Jack Dennis
Rev. Jack Dennis, S.J.
University Chaplain  
 Fr. Christopher Duffy

Rev. Christopher Duffy, S.J.
Senior Associate VP of Planning and Integration

Rev. Lloyd George, S.J.   Rev. Lloyd George, S.J.
Teacher of Latin, Loyola Blakefield Jesuit Middle School 
 Francis Gillespie

 Rev. Francis Gillespie, S.J.
Sacramental Minister, St. Alphonsus Rodriguez Church

Mr. Brendan Gottschall, S.J.
Mr. Brendan Gottschall, S.J.
Teacher and Campus Minister, Loyola Blakefield Jesuit Middle School
Rev. Robert Hussey, S.J.  Rev. Robert Hussey, S.J.
Provincial, Maryland Province 
Rev. James Kelly, S.J.  Rev. James Kelly, S.J.
Director of the Loyola-Bangkok Program
Affiliate Instructor of Economics 
Rev. Brian Linnane, S.J.  Rev. Brian Linnane, S.J.
Professor of Theology 
Rev. Richard Malloy, S.J.
Rev. Richard Malloy, S.J.
Director of Mission and Ministry, Crito Rey Jesuit High School
Fr. Sanil Mayikunnel
Rev. Sanil Mayilkunnel, S.J.
Graduate Student in Clinical Psychology 
Father McGowan  Rev. Richard McGowan, S.J.
Treasurer, Maryland Province 
Rev. Joseph Michini, S.J.  Rev. Joseph Michini, S.J.
Mission Integration Associate
Father Nyugen  Rev. Bao Nguyen, S.J.
Assistant Director of International Programs
Coordinator of International Jesuit Collaborations
 Mr. Melvin Rayappa, S.J.  
Mr. Melvin Rayappa, S.J.
Teacher of Engineering
Rev. Timothy W. O'Brien, S.J.
Rev. Timothy W. O'Brien, S.J.
Graduate Student in History, Johns Hopkins University
Rev. Thomas Roach, S.J.  Rev. Thomas Roach, S.J.
Associate University Chaplain 
Rev. Joseph Rossi, S.J.  Rev. Joseph Rossi, S.J.
Professor of Theology 
Rev. Stephen Spahn, S.J.  Rev. Stephen Spahn, S.J.
Affiliate Faculty of Theology
Assistant to the Director of Mission Integration 
Rev. Bruce Steggert, S.J.  Rev. Bruce Steggert, S.J.
Chaplain; Teacher of Biology, Loyola Blakefield Jesuit Middle School 
Rev. Sean Toole, S.J.  Rev. Sean Toole, S.J.
Teacher of Theology, Cristo Rey Jesuit High School