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Student Engagement

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Mission Statement

The Office of Student Engagement delivers intentional opportunities to students, calling them to practice reflection and leadership at critical times in their transition and personal development.

We achieve this through:

  • Deepening students’ understanding of the principles of a Jesuit education;
  • Addressing the developmental needs of students in transition;
  • Creating intentional leadership development opportunities;
  • Facilitating an understanding of the vocational discernment process;
  • Developing and fostering an atmosphere of positive peer relationships; and
  • Appreciating the uniqueness of each individual

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Frequently Asked Questions: Spring 2021

Will Evergreens still be hired in the Spring semester?

The Evergreen applications for the 2021-22 academic year open on Friday, November 13th at 5 p.m. EST and will remain open until Tuesday, January 5th at 11:59 p.m. EST. Interviews will take place over the first two weeks of spring classes. Click here to learn more about Evergreens and the selection process.

Can new first-year and transfer students apply to be Evergreens?

Yes, first-year and transfer students who were enrolled in the fall are eligible to participate in Evergreen selection this January for the following academic year 2021-2022. If selected, new Evergreens would begin training in February. Click here to learn more about Evergreens and the selection process

How will Evergreens continue to engage with new students?

Evergreens will meet with their Messina students in small groups the weekend prior to the start of spring classes during orientation. Evergreens will continue to participate in enrichment sessions (virtually or in-person) during the spring semester and host social programs with their Messina group.

What types of leadership programming will be available?

GOLD (Greyhound Opportunities for Leadership Development) will take place throughout the semester. At this point, GOLD will be offered in a hybrid format (both in-person and virtual). The Leadership Café series will continue to be offered monthly in a virtual setting. Please visit our Leadership Programs website for more information.

What type of support will be available for first-year commuter students?

Programming will be available for first-year commuter students both in-person and virtually. These programs will help commuter students connect to their peers and campus through social and educational events. We work with commuter students to offer potential spaces on campus where they can stay and study on campus between classes.

What type of support will be available for new transfer students?

Transfer students will move to campus on January 13th, followed bytransfer student orientation. The Transfer Student Organization (TSO) will host a variety of programs throughout the semester and offer a space for transfer students to come together and form a community through social events.

What will RoadTrip look like?

RoadTrip 2021 will occur on campus, January 14-16, 2021. Participants will be assigned to a small group of no more than eight sophomores and two leaders. Content will be delivered to each small group virtually, followed by reflection and discussion within the group. RoadTrip registration will be available November 9th-23rd. Registration and more information is available on the RoadTrip website.

What are the plans for DISCOVERY?

Discovery is tentatively scheduled for May 15-20, 2021. Program changes required for COVID-19 safety compliance will be shared prior to the start of participant registration in April.