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Support for students affected by recent natural disasters including hurricanes, wildfires and earthquakes

The Loyola community counts among its members numerous students with homes, family, or friends from the areas impacted by recent natural disasters.  If you or your loved ones are affected by the recent hurricanes and earthquakes in any way, our thoughts and prayers are with you. Please let us know how we can help. We know this is an incredibly stressful time for many of you who are worried about your families, homes, and communities. We want you to know that the university is here to support you. Here are some important contacts:

*For academic support: If you have any academic needs in the coming weeks, please contact the Academic Advising and Support Center (410-617-5213, ask for Victoria Gue). If you need help communicating with your faculty, please contact your Class Dean or Dean of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies (410-617-5547).

* For personal support: Our staff here at the Counseling Center would like all students affected by Hurricane Irma, or who have loved ones in the area damaged by the storm, to know that we have counselors here to support you, both now and in the continuing aftermath of these natural disasters. We can consult with you, offer advice and support, provide individual counseling, and if needed, connect you with additional resources, both on and off-campus. You can make an appointment to speak with a counselor by calling 410-617-CARE, or stop by our offices in HU 150 (one flight up the spiral stairs in the turret, opposite Starbucks). We will be very happy to meet with you, discuss any concerns you might have, and make recommendations to best address them.

*Campus Ministry is also available for spiritual support. Campus Ministry is located in Cohn 100, below the Chapel. You are welcome to stop by, or you can reach them at 410-617-2222.

*ALANA Services staff are available for personal support and would be happy to speak with you. The ALANA Services Office is located on the third floor of the Student Center in E313. You can reach them at 410-617-2310.

*Student Life staff are available for personal support and to help connect you with other needed resources. The Assistant Directors in each area hold office hours, and Graduate Residence Coordinators and Resident Assistants are also available to speak with you. You can also stop by the main office, located in Seton Court 08 B or reach them at 410-617-5081.

*The Office of Student Support and Wellness Promotion is located in Seton Court 02B and can be reached at 410-617-2928. Their staff members are available for personal support and to help you get connected to other resources.

*The Office of the Vice President for Student Development has staff available for personal support, and they would be happy to speak to you. Staff members are located in Jenkins Hall 110 and Jenkins Hall 105. You can also reach the Office of the Vice President by calling 410-617-2842.

It is difficult enough under normal circumstances to start college, or in many cases to return for a new year, without the additional concerns you might have about your family, home, and friends back home. So, please, consider taking advantage of our services.

With our warmest thoughts and prayers,

The Staff of the Counseling Center

We are here to help you succeed

There are many reasons why someone might seek counseling. It is not always sought in times of crisis. Seeking counseling is a sign of strength that you have insight into matters that you would like to improve.

The Counseling Center offers experienced professionals who can help you explore many different concerns. We value each person for their unique personality, perspective, background, and culture. Many students visit the Counseling Center to explore life transitions and their own identities.

We encourage students to use our free, confidential services. Our counselors provide safe, supportive, and caring relationships for exploring your concerns. Understanding a situation before it reaches a stage of crisis can make a big difference. We encourage you to come in, even if you are not sure if counseling is what you need. With a counselor's help, you can discuss alternatives and decide the best way to proceed. Learn What to Expect when you schedule an appointment at the Counseling Center. 

If you feel that you are being treated unjustly by others, we would like to offer our help. Insensitivity to others and discrimination in any form is inconsistent with Loyola’s mission and values. Our counseling services and programs actively promote an awareness of and sensitivity toward differences of race, gender identity and expression, ethnicity, national origin, culture, sexual orientation, age, physical and mental abilities, religious/spiritual beliefs, financial status, and size/body shape among members of the Loyola community. We are here to help you or your student group explore the impact of cultural differences among students, faculty, administrators, and staff.

In addition to seeking support through the Counseling Center, you may anonymously report bias-related incidents to the Dean of Students Office.

Counseling Center's Mission Statement

The Counseling Center is Accredited by the International Association of Counseling Services, Inc. 

Important note: This site is not designed to respond to personal concerns or emergencies. In addition, since e-mail is not checked regularly when the Counseling Center is closed, please see our list of emergency contacts in the case of an emergency.