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Commuter Student Resources

Below you will find resources beneficial to commuter students at Loyola. If you have any further questions reach out to Katie Derreth, in the Office of Student Engagement. 

Commuter Student Organization

The Commuter Student Organization (CSO) provides a safe and inclusive environment where students can engage and connect with each other to foster a sense of growth and belonging to the Loyola community. Follow us on Instagram (@commutersatloyola) and take a look at our website to get updates and notifications about events and initiatives being put on for commuter students and find resources specific to commuter students at Loyola.

Student Administrative Services 

Student Administrative Services (SAS) is the primary financial office center for students, included in this office is where you would find information around parking. There are three parking options for commuter students, which can be found under Undergraduate Commuters.

Dining Services

Dining Services is where you can find dining options on campus and where you can look at possible meal plans. As a commuter student you have the option to pick a dining plan if you wish.

Office of Student Engagement 

The Office of Student Engagement provides you with opportunities to get involved at Loyola beyond your classes. As a commuter student we encourage you to get involved and make connections outside the classroom to increase your sense of belonging at Loyola. 

The Commuter Student Organization is housed in the Office of Student Engagement where Katie Derreth, Assistant Director, oversees CSO and commuter student support. Reach out to Katie or CSO if you have any questions or concerns. 

Student Conduct

Even though you are living off campus you are still held to Loyola University Maryland's Student Code of Conduct through the Office of Student Conduct. You can find the complete Code of Conduct if you wish.