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Greyhound Leadership Summit

A student behind a podium posing for a photo; many people seated at tables in a ballroom for the Leadership Summit; a teacher in a classroom lecturing to students

November 04, 2023 (registration required)

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Emerging and well established student leaders are encouraged to register for the Summit. The event features presentations on a range of leadership topics and challenges relevant to students and student leaders. Registration for this year's Summit can be found on the Bridge and this link.

This one-day conference features workshops, presentations, and discussions among faculty, staff, and students with varied levels of leadership experience and knowledge. Emerging and current student leaders are highly encouraged to register to improve their leadership and the communities around them.

Registration Link

2023 Schedule

Note: All students who register for the Summit will receive the program schedule and will have access to the Summit Bridge page, where you will be able to access all information Summit related. 

Summit Schedule will be available a week prior to Summit date. 

Location & Hours

Student Center E315 and E413
Monday – Friday
8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m