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Class of 2027 Declaring a Major or Requesting an Exploratory Advisor

All members of the Class of 2027 are asked to submit a Declaration of Major Form or Request for an Exploratory Advisor as soon as possible – the Academic Advising Support Center needs to assign you a major or exploratory advisor by May 1, 2024.   If you have not done so already, please contact your Messina advisor to obtain their signature before submitting one of the two forms to the Academic Advising Support Center.



You may complete the PDF version of the form, save it to your computer and send it to your advisor.  Your advisor can review the form and forward it to  Their e-mail to will serve as the signature. 



You may download the form through the following links:

·         Declaration of Major Form

·         Request for an Exploratory Advisor Form 


We encourage you to review the information before you contact your advisor:

Declaring a major takes careful consideration and exploration. The following five steps will walk you through a process for major and career exploration to help you discern the best academic plan for you.


  1. Assess Yourself: One of the most important steps in declaring your major is to explore and identify your interests, skills, and abilities. Think about what you enjoy and the goals that you wish to accomplish during your time at Loyola. Schedule time to talk with your Messina advisor or contact the Academic Advising and Support Center to meet with an administrator to discuss your interests. The Career Center also offers Strong interest inventories for you to take to identify key areas of interest to you. If you haven't already done so, now is the time to start these discussions.

  2. Explore and Research Ma jors and Careers: Research the majors that Loyola has to offer. Talk to faculty members in disciplines that are of special interest to you or whose course(s) you 've taken and enjoyed. Conduct interviews with individuals who work in areas that are of interest to you. Online resources such as The Occupational Outlook Handbook ( and O*Net ( are also available to provide information about careers and occupations.
  3. Narrow Down Your Options: After you've done some research, narrow down your interests. Compare and rank the options that you've identified.
  4. Define Your Academic Path: Now that you have identified your interests, skills, and abilities and researched your top majors, determine which one(s) best fit(s) your needs. Investigate your top major(s) further by scheduling time to talk to your Messina advisor and connect with faculty in the academic department of your potential major. Speak to at least one faculty member and one student in your major of consideration. You may also  wish to meet with an administrator from the Academic Advising and Support Center who can discuss the academic requirements for that major.
  5. Declare your Major: Reflect on your options and complete the Declaration of Major form. Meet with your Messina advisor to obtain their signature.  Then, bring your form to AASC in Maryland Hall, Room 138.


In order to officially declare your major, you must go through the formal declaration process even if you specified an intended major upon arrival at Loyola. Once you have completed this process, you will be assigned to a faculty advisor in the department of your major. AASC will send you an email over the summer informing you of the name of your major advisor.


If you are not ready to commit to a major at this time, you should request an exploratory advisor. This advisor will work with you throughout the fall to help you explore your interests and skills, gather information about different majors/minors and career possibilities, and connect you with important resources that will assist you with making your decision. To request an exploratory advisor, please complete the Exploratory Advisor Request form. AASC will send you an email over the summer informing you of the name of your exploratory advisor.


Please note that all students in the Class of 2027 must complete the Declaration of Major process no later than December 10, 2024.  Should you decide to change your major in the future, you will simply need to submit a Change of Major form to AASC.


We cannot stress strongly enough the importance of seeking out campus resources and faculty support to guide you in making this very important decision. Declaring a major early in your college career will enable you to make appropriate course selections and pursue all opportunities within your major and, thus, make the most of your college education. Administrators in the AASC can assist you with this process by reviewing degree requirements with you.


Should you have any questions, please call (410-617-5050), or email the Academic Advising and Support Center at




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