Loyola University Maryland

The Writing Center

Face-to-Face Appointments

What to Expect

Appointments at the Writing Center range from thirty minutes to one hour. They are all one-on-one, individualized consultations. During the appointment, you and your consultant may discuss a variety of different higher order concerns (interpreting assignment or instructor's comments, brainstorming/getting ideas/outlining, research strategies, development of examples/evidence, logic/coherence of ideas) and later order concerns (introduction/conclusion, sentence structure, citation style, word choice, voice). The specific issues you discuss will depend on your concerns or your interests and where you are in the writing process. You may decide to schedule a follow up appointment, too.

Helpful Tips To Get The Most From Your Appointment

  • Before you come to the Writing Center, read your paper and think of what you want to cover in the hour session. Is the main point clear in this essay? Do your transitions work? Are there enough details to make this interesting? Have an idea of what you want to cover in this hour.
  • Remember to bring your paper and a copy of the assignment. A hard copy is best; however, you may also bring a jump drive or email a copy of the paper to yourself.
  • If you are at the planning stage of your writing, bring a list of questions or possible ideas to discuss.
  • Bring a pen. You may want to bring extra paper if you want to take notes.
  • The day of your appointment, please arrive on time.