Loyola University Maryland

CPaMS Scholars Program


Megan Olsen, Ph.D.

Megan OlsenAssociate Professor
CPaMS Scholars Director
Computer Science
Ph.D. University of Massachusetts Amherst

Please contact Dr. Olsen if you have any questions about the CPaMS Scholars program.

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Sibren Isaacman, Ph.D.

Sibren IsaacmanAssociate Professor
Computer Science
Ph.D. Princeton University

Please contact Dr. Isaacman if you have any questions about the computer science degree. 

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Mary Lowe, Ph.D.

Mary LoweProfessor
Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

Please contact Dr. Lowe if you have any questions about the physics degree. 

Prince Chidyagwai, Ph.D.

Prince ChidyagwaiAssistant Professor
Mathematics and Statistics
Ph.D. Rice University

Please contact Dr. Chidyagwai if you have any questions about the mathematics and statistics degrees. 

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Lisa Oberbroeckling, Ph.D.

Lisa OberbroecklingAssociate Professor
Mathematics and Statistics
Ph.D. University of Oregon

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"The CPaMS faculty are super supportive of our studies and of our growth here at Loyola. Not only do they engage with us in the classroom, but they are available outside the classroom to help us navigate our future career paths. When deciding which courses to pick for this current semester, Dr. Olsen was super helpful and provided insight on which courses would be most beneficial for me to take since I was deciding between math and computer science… If not for her help, I would not have the option to double major if I choose to."

—Chiara Maalouf, CPaMS Scholar