Loyola University Maryland


First-Year Fall Welcome Weekend

Students relaxing on the Quad
  • Fall Welcome Weekend will begin the evening of Thursday, September 2 and run through Monday, September 6.
  • The program will consist of small group meetings with an Evergreen (orientation leader) and peers, information sessions, and social events.
  • Fall Welcome Weekend is mandatory for every new student at Loyola.
  • Students should be ready to discuss the Common Text, The Master Plan: My Journey from life in Prison to a Life of Purpose by Chris Wilson. Students received this e-book via their Loyola email earlier this summer. If you did not receive this book, please email messina@loyola.edu for a copy.
  • Fall Welcome Weekend is intended for students only, there will be no formal program for family members.
  • Students participating in a Pre-Fall Program are required to attend Fall Welcome Weekend.

Fall Welcome Weekend Schedule