Loyola University Maryland

Undergraduate Research Colloquium

2003 Undergraduate Research Colloquium

Celebrating Loyola's Commitment to Undergraduate Research and Scholarship

On Saturday, March 29th 2003, the Undergraduate Student Research & Scholarship Committee held fourth annual colloquium. The competition continues a campus-wide forum in which undergraduate research and scholarship can be presented before the college community. This event not only contributes to the professional development of participants, it also underscores the importance the college places on student involvement in creative intellectual endeavors.

The finalists below presented their research in open competition for first, second, and third place cash awards and recognition.

School of Business

Francis Twomey: "An Analysis of Instant Messaging Use Within Business: An Exploratory Study"
Mentor: Edward Sim

Mathematical Sciences

Naomi Grabus: "A (21,12) Burst-Error-Correcting Code"
Mentor: Christopher Morrell

Hilary DeRemigi: "Discrete Dynamical Systems and Linear Algebra: Markov Chain and Loyola's Population"
Mentor: Dipa Choudhury

Natural Sciences

Jessica Kramer: "Heavy Metal Tolerance of Arabidopsis Lyrata: The role of the AtPCS1 and AtPCS2 genes"
Mentor: Bernadette Roche

Christopher Edwards: "Drought Resistance Genes in Arabidopsis thaliana and Arabidopsis lyrata"
Mentor: Bernadette Roche

Christine McDonald: "The Characterization of an FtsZ Homologue from the Bacterial Parasite Bdellovibrio"
Mentor: Neena Din

Social Science

Marta Ziol: "Interracial Contact: A Multi-Variate Analysis of Integration Ideology"
Mentor: H. Lovell Smith

Paul Strock: "A Multivariate Analysis of the Effects of Black-white Contact on Racial Preferences Concerning Residential Integration"
Mentor: Mark Peyrot

Robert Cramer & Taylor Jantz-Sell: "An Examination of Personality Traits Among Student Leaders and Non-leaders"
Mentor: David Powers

Thank you to all of the students, faculty, parents, and members of the administration that have supported the event this year.