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Jenny Glick, WTOP reporter and lecturer at Loyola, receives Gracie Award

Jenny Glick, lecturer in journalism

Lecturer in journalism and WTOP reporter Jenny Glick was named a 2020 Gracie Award recipient for her reporting on eating disorders, “Starving for Perfection.” The Gracie Award is a prestigious honor given by the Alliance for Women in Media Foundation to recognize exemplary programming created by, for, and about women in radio, television, and interactive media.

“I feel honored to have received such a prestigious award,” said Glick. “My hope is that more people will listen to the story and understand that an eating disorder is not a choice—it’s a destructive and potentially life-threatening mental illness. I hope students who listen to the story will take away that a story is only as good as its sources. It’s our job as reporters to not share our own opinion, but to find the best storytellers.”

“Starving for Perfection” is a five-part audio series and three-part web series that examines eating disorders, their impact, and the road to recovery. The audio series won the Gracie Award. Part one of the three-part web series shares the story on a young woman in Virginia who has an undiagnosed eating disorder. The second part examines the impact on the family unit and how social media reinforces a dieting culture and eating disorders. Part three details the impact of inadequate health insurance for those with eating disorders.

In receiving a Gracie Award in the 45th year of the program, Glick joins the list of esteemed honorees including Michelle Williams, Amy Poehler, Tamron Hall, among many others. Honorees are selected from national, local, and student markets, including both commercial and non-commercial outlets.

This year’s Gracie Awards, which were established in 1975, is scheduled to celebrate an evening event on the West Coast on Sept. 22, 2020, and a luncheon on the East Coast on June 24, 2020.