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Lecturer at Loyola appointed to the Board of Psychologists for the State of Maryland

Samantha Rukert, Psy.D., lecturer of psychology
Samantha Rukert, Psy.D., lecturer of psychology, was appointed to the Board of Psychologists for the State of Maryland. Rukert, who has been teaching at Loyola since 2009, was sworn into her position on July 7, 2020, and will serve on the Board for a term of four years. 

“Several other members of Loyola's psychology department have served on this board over the years, and I am happy to carry on that tradition,” said Rukert. “I look forward to serving the state of Maryland, particularly at a time when the stakes are so high.”

The Board is a group of seven licensed psychologists and two consumer members. The Board's mission is to ensure that consumers in Maryland receive quality psychological services in accordance with state laws and regulations. 
“Dr. Rukert’s appointment to the Board of Psychologists is an important moment for her, for our department, and for the State of Maryland,” said Frank Golom, Ph.D., associate professor of psychology and chair of the psychology department. “The Board serves critical gatekeeping and consumer protection functions for the practice of psychology in the state. All of us who utilize or provide psychological services rely on the Board for regulatory oversight, particularly in these challenging times. The Board ensures that the practice of psychology can meet the uncertainty and complexities of the current moment. It needs members who are keenly aware of the trends in our field, the needs of our constituents, and the demands of providing ethically responsive and culturally sensitive services to all who seek them. Dr. Rukert could not be a better fit for this crucial role.”

Board members are appointed by the Governor and approved by the state Senate. Rukert’s appointment falls under the longstanding “Green Bag” tradition, in which nominations are delivered to the state Senate once a year in a green bag. Governor Larry Hogan marked 2020 the “Year of the Woman,” as half of the appointees to various boards and commissions were women.