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Loyola to receive $2 million bequest to fund scholarships

A Loyola banner hangs outside Jenkins Hall on the Evergreen campus

An anonymous donor has designated a $2 million planned gift to Loyola University Maryland to fund scholarships for undergraduate students. The donor, who chooses not to be identified, is making the bequest to help make a Loyola education accessible and affordable to more undergraduate students in the future.

The donor established this scholarship in 2012 with a major gift and will grow the endowment with this bequest.

“This extraordinarily generous gift will open doors for future Loyola students,” said Rev. Brian F. Linnane, S.J., president. “We are immensely grateful to this donor, who believes in the value of a Loyola education and is making a commitment to Loyola’s students—today’s and tomorrow’s.”

This planned gift comes in a fiscal year when donors have stepped forward to pledge and contribute to Loyola in significant ways—exceeding $10 million in gifts and pledges to date.

“It’s remarkable that we have raised more than $10 million during this fiscal year, when the pandemic and economy could have pulled donors’ attention elsewhere,” said Terrence Sawyer, J.D., senior vice president. “That amount is well ahead of the fundraising pace we have seen during recent past fiscal years. We owe a wealth of gratitude to our donors who have recognized the distinctive needs of this time—and the constant value of investing in a Loyola education.”