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Loyola recognized in 2021 PLEXUSS Global Rankings

Jenkins Hall

Loyola University Maryland has recently earned high rankings at both the national and state levels from PLEXUSS, a global higher education database for prospective students.

In addition to naming Loyola No. 1 among “Top Faith-Based Colleges” in the State of Maryland, PLEXUSS’ rankings recognize nearly two dozen academic programs that Loyola offers in all three of its schools, compared to other universities and colleges in Maryland—including in these areas:

Sellinger School of Business

  • No. 1 “Best Accounting Schools” 
  • No. 3 “Best Finance Schools”
  • No. 3 “Best Business Schools”
  • No. 3 “Best Business Management Schools”

Loyola College of Arts and Sciences

  • No. 2 “Best Creative Writing Schools”
  • No. 3 “Best Humanities Schools”
  • No. 4 “Best Political Science Schools”
  • No. 5 “Best History Schools”
  • No. 5 “Best Engineering Schools”
  • No. 5 “Best English Schools”
  • No. 6 “Best Psychology Schools”
  • No. 6 “Best Computer Science and IT Schools”
  • No. 8 “Best Mathematics Schools”
  • No. 9 “Best Social Sciences Schools”
  • No. 10 “Best Health Professions Schools”

School of Education

  • No. 3 “Best Education Management Schools” (Graduate)
  • No. 5 “Best Elementary Education Schools” (Undergraduate)
  • No. 8 “Best Education Schools” (Undergraduate)

PLEXUSS’ ranking methodology incorporates feedback from education partners, data scientists, employers, parents, and high school counselors, in addition to student feedback and preferences. Graduation rates, admission yield, program popularity, and student retention rate were key factors in determining the rankings.

PLEXUSS further examined subject-specific rankings from reputable ranking sources such as U.S. News & World Report, Forbes, and Times Higher Education, among others. 

View the full list of Loyola’s national and state rankings for 2021 on PLEXUSS’ website.