• Class of2022

  • MajorMathematics

Bailey is majoring in mathematics and first found mentorship and guidance at Loyola through Prince Chidyagwai, Ph.D., associate professor of mathematics. In her first year at Loyola, Dr. Chidyagwai helped her plan her schedule and guided her through which classes she needed to take and when she should take them. “Some of the plan he helped me create is still something I turn to today.” Bailey is from Westminster, Md., and is a member of the CPaMS Scholars Program. She loves the program for “the sense of family that my cohort and I have created. We are one another’s biggest cheerleaders and support each other through our STEM classes, core classes, and in life. This program has challenged me to think outside of the box when it comes to STEM.” While she has grown academically through CPaMS, Bailey says Loyola has spurred the most growth in terms of career preparation. She cites the Career Center as an invaluable resource. She also worked as a tutor for the Study and as a quantitative learning assistant with the mathematics and statistics department. “I have been able to work hands-on with students, which is excellent preparation for when I become a teacher.” Beyond her classes, Bailey is captain of the club softball team, a member of the mathematics and statistics club, and a fitness attendant at the Fitness & Aquatic Center. After graduation, she plans to apply to Loyola’s Master of Arts in Teaching program and become a high school mathematics teacher.

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Bailey Whalen
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