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Strategic Planning

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We are excited to enter the development phase of the strategic planning process. As announced by President Sawyer at the President’s Town Hall on Jan. 30, the framework for our strategy development is as follows:

Our Guiding Commitments

To execute our new vision and move Loyola University Maryland forward, we will need:

An unwaivering resolve to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (DEIJ)

Cura personalis is one of our most cherished Jesuit values. It powers our resolve to engage in work that promotes greater diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice for all, including for our planet. We are committed to caring for our environment, as well as sustaining the well-being and health of individuals who make up our communities. Our dedication to DEIJ will become a central driving force for our community moving forward.

A robust commitment to Innovation, Growth, and Operational Excellence

Cura apostolica means we must also care for the work of the institution. In the face of growing challenges in higher education and the world, Loyola must adapt and rethink how it sustains and strengthens operational excellence by pursuing innovative and bold strategies that increase revenue, attract new investment, and leverage our resources.

Areas of Focus

We will animate our resolve and commitment through targeted strategic initiatives in three areas of focus. Ideas put forward by the community and subsequent working groups must show how their proposals move the needle when it comes to DEIJ and Innovation, Growth, and Operational Excellence as well as the area of focus. In addition, proposals should consider how they may impact other areas of focus beyond the intended one.

A Steadfast Commitment to Student Success

Loyola will implement and deliver a steadfast commitment to the success of our students, ensuring that every student will have opportunities to grow and develop intellectually, socially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Students will be mentored, supported, challenged, and ultimately thrive thanks to exceptional wraparound, integrated professional and educational support that helps them chart their path, implement and execute their plans, achieve more than they imagined possible, and flourish as their best possible selves. Created with strong connections to DEIJ and growth, elements of this work may encompass strategies that address:

  • Developing a holistic advising structure
  • Developing a comprehensive student well-being initiative
  • Promoting spirited community engagement that last a lifetime
  • Expanding engagement for justice

A Vibrant and Nationally Recognized Intellectual Community

We will elevate our academic and scholarly profile by investing in faculty development, research, and scholarship through well-resourced support structures. Our faculty will be recognized as thought leaders in their fields and offer exceptional student academic experiences, best-in-class teaching, experiential learning, and innovative curriculum and programming. Created with strong connections to DEIJ and growth, elements of this work may encompass strategies that address:

  • Developing new and expanded programs and partnerships
  • Elevating diverse voices across our campus community
  • Growing and re-envisioning our graduate education
  • Setting up our faculty members for success in teaching, scholarship, and leadership

An Empowered and Thriving Team

Caring for the whole person is at the heart of our Jesuit, Catholic mission and is fundamental to who we are and who we want to be. Without them we cannot serve our students well. Caring for our common home is also important as we seek to extend our commitment to environmental sustainability that encompasses the well-being of our earth and our city of Baltimore. By pursuing the development of our people and care for our planet we aspire to be known as a people-centered, environmentally conscious sought-after place to work. Created with strong connections to DEIJ and growth, elements of this work may encompass strategies that address:

  • Developing an employee support and well-being structure that attracts, retains, and develops top talent
  • Ensuring we have effective and efficient support systems that empower us to do our best work
  • Investing in caring for our common home

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Deadline: March 1, 2023