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Minor in Biology

Course requirements include:

  • BL118/BL119, BL121/BL126, BL201/BL202.
  • Three biology electives (200-level or higher), at least two with an associated lab or seminar.

Minor in Natural Sciences

Course requirements include:

  • BL118/BL119, BL121/BL126
  • BL201/BL202 or BL Elective/Lab (200-level or higher).
  • CH 101/CH105, CH102/CH106.
  • CH301/CH307, CH302/CH308
  • MA251 or MA252 or ST210 or ST265.
  • PH101, PH102.
  • One biology elective (200-level or higher). It is strongly recommended that students considering medical school take BL431/BL433 to fulfill this requirement. 

Minor in Forensic Studies

The minor consists of 6 total courses.

The following is required for the class of 2025 and forward:

  • BL 101 Introduction to Forensic Sciences (4 credits)
  • PY 101 Introductory Psychology or SC 100 Introduction to Sociology
  • Select one course from the following:

BL 118/119 - Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Biology and Lab
BL 121/126 - Organismal Biology and Lab
EC 220 - Business Statistics
ST 110 - Introduction to Statistical Methods and Data Analysis or
ST 210 - Introduction to Statistics or
ST 265 - Biostatistics

Minor in Environmental Studies

The requirements for the minor are:

  • One introductory course (CH114 Global Environment or BL111 Environmental Biology), which also counts as a natural science core course.
  • Five electives from the list of approved courses, with the following special notes:
    • No more than three of the five electives may come from the same academic area of study
    • Only two courses may count for both the core curriculum and this minor.
    • Study abroad courses or courses from the Baltimore Exchange Program may count if approved by the Director.
    • A capstone experiential course in the form of either a research project or internship.

The minor is available to all students in any major or area of study and prepares students for a variety of careers.