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Equipment Available in the LMCF

Nikon A1 Confocal Microscope

  • Lasers: 450/50, 525/50, and 600/50-685/70
  • Mercury Lamp for Wide-field
  • Objectives: 20X, 40X, 60X
  • Heated stage for short-term live-cell imaging
  • A stand-alone CO2 incubator is available for maintaining cells prior to imaging

Zeiss Axio A1 Upright Fluorescence Microscope

  • 100 W mercury lamp
  • Filters sets: DAPI, FITC, and Rhodamine
  • Objectives: 10X, 63X, and 100X 
  • Axiocam MRc5 digital camera

Nikon Eclipse TE-300 Inverted Fluorescence Microscope

  • Mercury Lamp
  • Filter Sets: FITC, DAPI, and Rhodamine
  • Objectives: 10X, 20X, 40X, and 100X 
  • Hoffman optics
  • Spot Insight Firewire digital camera

Nikon Labaphot Compound Fluorescence Microscope

  • Mercury lamp
  • Filter Sets: FITC and DAPI
  • Phase contrast optics
  • Objectives: 10X, 20X, 40X, and 100X objectives
  • Sony progressive scan color analog camera 
  • Scion Image software including CG-7 Scion frame grabber

Nikon C-12 SMZ1500 Dissecting Fluorescence Microscope

  • Mercury lamp 
  • GFP filter set
  • Magnification range: 7.5X-112.5X.

JEOL 1010 Transmission Electron Microscope

  • Tungsten hairpin electron source
  • 40, 60, 80, and 100kV accelerating voltages
  • Bright field, dark field, and SAD imaging modes
  • Magnification range of 500X-200,000X
  • Images are stored on 3.25” x 4” sheet film or digitized

Motic Compound Microscope

  • Fluorescence (LED) with three filter cubes: DAPI, FITC, and Rhodamine. 
  • SPOT RT image software (v. 4.6) 
  • SPOT-RT monochrome firewire camera.

Other relevant microscopes: Microscopes presently available at Loyola University Maryland include several inverted microscopes used for tissue culture purposes and stereomicroscopes used for imaging whole mount specimens. In addition, a variety of compound microscopes are available to Core users. In each teaching laboratory we also have a variety of Zeiss, Leica, and Nikon compound microscopes and dissecting scopes for student use.

Leica CM 1850 Cryostat

  • Chamber temperature down to –35 °C 
  • Actively cooled quick freeze shelf with Peltier unit for freezing down to –60 °C. 
  • Motorized coarse feed at two speeds 
  • Smooth specimen orientation with automatic 

Thermo Microm HM 430 Microtome

  • Use for paraffin and frozen sections in biological, botanical, and materials science applications
  • Manual or automatic advance
  • Specimen fine orientation on X/Y-axes
  • Sectioning Range 1 to 60µm 
  • Specimen Size 80 x 60mm