Loyola University Maryland

Department of Biology

News & Highlights

  • Dr. David Rivers wins $50,000 National Science Foundation grant to create a network to prep students for careers in biotechnology
  • Loyola University Maryland (PI’s Bernadette Roche, Elizabeth Dahl, Bahram Roughani) received a $5000 award from MADE CLEAR (Maryland and Delaware Climate Education Assessment and Research) for their grant, “Increasing Capacity for Climate Change Education across the Curriculum at Loyola University Maryland”.
  • At the Deans' Symposium held Friday, March 20, Rebecca S. Brogan, Ph.D. was named the 2015 Harry W. Rodgers, III, Distinguished Teacher of the Year. Dr. Brogan is an Associate professor of Biology and has been with Loyola University Maryland since 2005.
  • Loyola University biology professors Dr. Rebecca Brogan and Dr. Christopher Thompson win $274K grant for high-tech microscope.
  • Loyola biology professor Dr. Lisa Scheifele receives National Institutes of Health grant to fund research on genome instability. https://www.loyola.edu/Media/News/2012/0809-nih-genome-grant.aspx
Derek Kendig

Derek Kendig, Ph.D.

This biology professor appreciates that science students at Loyola receive a full liberal arts education