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Accelerated Graduate Programs

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The Forensic Pattern Analysis and Biological Forensic programs offer an accelerated BA/BS-MS program for current undergraduate students. Students can begin their application for either MS program as early as the summer before their junior year through October of their senior year. The accelerated program is a great option for Loyola undergraduates to complete both an undergraduate and master’s degree in a reduced number of semesters, and total tuition costs.

To apply for the accelerated program, a student is expected to have taken the following undergraduate courses: FO 101 or BL 101 and either ST 110, ST 210 or ST 265.

Once accepted into the program, graduate courses totaling up to 9 credits (3 courses max.) may be taken that apply towards both the undergraduate and graduate programs. If a student has previously taken any of the undergraduate versions of the graduate program's required courses, those courses must be repeated at the graduate level.

Forensic Pattern Analysis students must complete FO 675, FO 710 and FO 790 at the graduate level.

Students interested in applying to the BA/BS-MS program may do so by going to the Office of Graduate Admission and completing the online application. The admission requirements also include two letters of recommendation (both of which must be from Loyola faculty members) and an essay. Official transcripts are automatically requested, and the $60 application fee is waived for all current students.

Additional Benefits of the Accelerated Master of Science in Forensic Pattern Analysis

  • Complete both an undergraduate and graduate degree in a reduced number of semesters
  • 15% Double Greyhound tuition discount for Loyola alumni
  • Students may count a maximum of three courses (9 credits) towards both their undergraduate and graduate degrees
  • Application fee waived
  • Resume waived
  • Transcripts automatically requested

Admission Requirements

  • Minimum 3.0 average undergraduate GPA
  • Complete graduate application
  • A grade of a "B" or higher in all graduate level coursework

Application Deadline and How to Apply

To begin the program spring of junior or senior year: October 1st.
To begin the program fall of senior year: June 1st.
Students may begin the planning process at any time.

For more information, contact:
Terri Allen
Director, Program Operations
Forensic Science Graduate Programs 

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