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Alumni News


Time flies... We know some of this information is outdated, but this is what we have collected so far. Please keep in touch. We love to hear from you!

Class of 1966

Robert Garvey, '66. After leaving Loyola, Robert earned a Masters degree in electrical engineering and a PhD in physics from Pennsylvania State University. He currently serves on the faculty in physics at the College of the Holy Cross, and was named a US Professor of the Year for 2000 by the Carnegie Foundation.

Class of 1979

Tim Durkin, '79. Tim has had an extensive career teaching physics at a number high schools in the region. He is currently at Liberty High School. In addition to his regular teaching activities, Tim has also organized many Physics Olympics competitions in the greater Baltimore area.

Class of 1987

Brian Moudry, '87. Brian received a PhD from the University of Nebraska, after which he took a faculty position in physics at Davis and Elkins college. He presently holds the rank of Associate Professor there.

Michelle Quigley, '87. Michelle has earned both a Masters degree (astrophysics) and a PhD (computational neuroscience) from Catholic University. After this, she held a postdoctoral appointment in neuroimaging at the University of  Wisconsin-Madison for several years. Michelle is still doing research in this field (magnetoencephalography and functional magnetic resonance imaging) at Wisconsin in a staff position.

Class of 1988

John Boia, '88 Following a long stint with the computer Sciences Corporation, John currently works at the Space Telescope Sciences institute. In both positions, John's major responsibility has been to develop software that maintains and instructs space-based instrumentation.

Class of 1989

Dennis holds a position as an industrial hygienist for the US Army at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, measuring potentially hazardous conditions in the workplace. Dennis also received a Masters degree in Environmental Science from Drexel University, and when last heard from was considering doctoral work in public health at Hopkins.

Class of 1991

Tom Clark, '91. After earning a Masters degree in physics from Lehigh University, Tom went on to receive a PhD in physics the University of Maryland at College Park. His doctoral dissertation won a prize from the American Physical Society as the outstanding doctoral work in plasma physics in 1999. Tom currently hold a position in the Optical Sciences division of the Naval Research Laboratory. ...Applied Physics Laboratory

John Slotwinski, '91. John has worked at the National Institute for Standards and Technology since he graduated, doing research in the use of ultrasound for the nondestructive evaluation of materials. He also engaged in graduate study while working full time, and received a PhD in physics from Catholic University in 1998.

Class of 1992

Alison Hapka, '92. Alison received a Masters degree in geophysics from Boston College and worked for some time at Dupont, but she then decided to pursue a different interest and now teaches high school physics at Broadneck Senior High School in Annapolis.

Class of 1994

Charles McVey, '94. After leaving Loyola, "Chip" went to the University of Michigan, where he received a Masters degree in physics and then a second Masters degree in computer science. After working for a while as a staff scientist at the Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, he took a position with Computational Intelligence Research Laboratory at the University of Oregon, where he presently is working in the field of artificial intelligence.

Class of 1998

Fred Strauch, '98. After graduation Fred entered the doctoral program in physics at the University of Maryland at College Park with a particular interest in the Chemical Physics program there....Williams College

Class of 1999

Tom Eubig, '99. after graduation, Tom embarked on graduate study in mechanical engineering at the University of Maryland at College Park, supported by a research assistantship.