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Physics Club


The Physics Club is student-run organization for undergraduate students interested in physics and related fields. We organize trips, socials, physics activities and functions for its members and friends of physics, as well as maintain subscriptions to science magazines such as Scientific AmericanAstronomy, and Physics Today, which are kept in the club's room (217 Knott Hall) for students to read at their leisure.

The club also sponsors a variety of other events. For example, we provided the Quad with complimentary bubble making. Who knows what we'll come up with this year? If you have any good ideas feel free to suggest something. By joining the Physics Club you'll be meeting many physics majors, who are, in general, really cool people to hang out with. The best way to join is to email our moderator, Andrea Erdas,


October: Giant Bubbles

Loyola Physics Club dazzled students passing by with giant bubbles. But these are not the bubbles you remember as a child. Like you, the bubbles have grown up to remind us all that we will never outgrow them. View our Flickr page and YouTube channel for pictures and videos from the event.