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Photo Gallery


Crowd by solar scopes for Eclipse

Crowd using solar scopes to view total solar eclipse


Line on campus for solar eclipse

Crowd lined up to recieve eclipse glasses

Group photo of Physics professors and Physics club members

The Eclipse Watch Party

 Picture of annular eclipse

2023 Annular Eclipse from NASA Live TV

Physics lecture room
Lecture room
Speaker on quantum information science
Speaker on quantum information science
Physics Robot
Physics robots in action (See Robot Lab)
Physics Robot
Robot built by Intro Physics students
Physics Data Lab
Upper division lab on data acquisition and control
Physics DNA lab
Research lab on multiplexed DNA detection
physics lasers lab
Research lab on mid-infrared lasers
Physics Surface Lab
Research lab on surface physics
Physics electron lab
Intermediate lab on e/m of electron
Student touching Van de Graaff generator
Van de Graaff generator 
 Physics Student Lounge
A place for students to study or relax