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Videos of Student Projects

Loyola physics majors work on many projects throughout their college years. Here is a sampling

Actually, It Is Rocket Science

Collin's project was entitled "Actually, It Is Rocket Science." He inserted a Vernier accelerometer with Bluetooth capability into the payload section of a model rocket. He wrote a LabView program to control the launch and collect data on the rocket trajectory.

Make Your Mark: Physics and Art Installation

Jordan's project was entitled "Make Your Mark: Physics and Art Installation." She wanted to create an interactive art exhibit that encourages spectators to consider their impact on the world. This was accomplished with a motion sensor that could respond to human movements and change the color displayed on the wall. NeoPixel lights were wrapped around a mirror that also changed color according to the motion. Jordan worked with LabView and an Arduino controlled by LabView.


Monstrosity Bike

Dave adapted an exercise bicycle to generate electricity to power a radio, fan, and LED. The fan and LED were automobile parts. Dave designed the circuitry.