Loyola University Maryland

Department of Physics

Mathematical Science Focus

Suggestions for the Mathematical Science Focus are as follows:

(Please discuss with advisor or department chair.)

  • ST 210 Introduction to Statistics (3 cr.)
  • MA 301 Introduction to Linear Algebra * (3 cr.)
  • MA 395 Discrete Methods (3 cr.)
  • MA 424 Complex Analysis * (3 cr.) (prerequisite: MA 421 or written permission of instructor)
  • MA 302 MATLAB *  (3 cr.) and
  • MA 427 Numerical Analysis * (3 cr.)

* These courses may be replaced with 400-level mathematical sciences courses.

Rev. Frank Haig

Frank Haig, S.J.

A Jesuit priest and professor emeritus of physics at Loyola, Father Frank Haig's career is an amazing confluence of faith and science