Loyola University Maryland

Department of Physics

Mechanical Engineering Focus

Suggestions for the Mechanical Engineering Focus are as follows:

(Please discuss with advisor or department chair. This focus is also preparation for graduate work in aerospace engineering)

  • CH 101 General Chemistry I (3 cr.) and
  • CH 105 General Chemistry Lab I (1 cr.)
  • EG 301 Statics (3 cr.)
  • EG 351 Introduction to Engineering Materials (3 cr.) and
  • EG 051 Materials Science Lab (1 cr.)
  • EG 420 Solid Mechanics (3 cr.) (Lab is optional)
  • EG 421 Fluid Mechanics

Additional course to be determined by the physics department chair. For example:

  • EG 422 Heat and Mass Transfer (3 cr.)
  • EG 424 Mechanical Design (3 cr.)
  • EG 426 Computer-Aided Simulation and Design (3 cr.)
  • EG 441 Engineering Systems Analysis (3 cr.)
Andrea Erdas

Andrea Erdas

This professor of physics believes Loyola’s core Jesuit values provides students with a well-rounded science education