Loyola University Maryland

Department of Physics

Physics and Pre-Health Programs

If you are interested in pre-health programs, there are two ways to complete the requirements.

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Physics with Applied Science track and focus in Physics and Medicine

The following is a suggestion for the physics and medicine focus (please discuss with advisor or department chair):

  • BL 118/119 Intro to Cellular and Molecular Biology and Lab
  • BL 121/126 Organismal Biology and Lab
  • CH 301/307 Organic Chemistry I and Lab
  • CH 302/308 Organic Chemistry II and Lab II

Select two of the following:

  • PH 383 Physics of Medicine and the Human Body (3 cr.)
  • PH 384 Waves and the Physics of Medicine (3 cr.)
  • BL 431/433 Biochemistry I and Lab
  • 300-level or 400-level math/stat/science course

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Physics

Students can use electives for the Pre-Health programs prerequisites or obtain the Natural Sciences Minor.

Inge Heyer

Inge Heyer, Ph.D.

According to Dr. Heyer, Loyola’s core curriculum prepares students to be great problem solvers in physics—and as young professionals