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Physics and Pre-Health Programs

If you are interested in pre-health programs, there are two ways to complete the requirements.

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Physics with Applied Science track and focus in Physics and Medicine

The following is a suggestion for the physics and medicine focus (please discuss with advisor or department chair):

  • BL 118/119 Intro to Cellular and Molecular Biology and Lab
  • BL 121/126 Organismal Biology and Lab
  • CH 301/307 Organic Chemistry I and Lab
  • CH 302/308 Organic Chemistry II and Lab II

Select two of the following:

  • PH 383 Physics of Medicine and the Human Body (3 cr.)
  • PH 384 Waves and the Physics of Medicine (3 cr.)
  • BL 431/433 Biochemistry I and Lab
  • 300-level or 400-level math/stat/science course

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Physics

Students can use electives for the Pre-Health programs prerequisites or obtain the Natural Sciences Minor.