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Laurence Ross

Assistant Teaching Professor
Laurence Ross

Laurence Ross moved to Baltimore from New Orleans, where he was a frequent contributor to Pelican Bomb, a regional publication dedicated to the Louisiana arts community. He also served as the Director of P.3Writes, an educational program in conjunction with U.S. Art Triennial Prospect New Orleans. Ross is now a contributor to BmoreArt, a magazine that reflects the art and culture of Baltimore and the surrounding regions. In 2020, he curated his first visual art exhibition at Woodland Pattern in Milwaukee, WI. Ross has published his essays in literary journals such as The Georgia Review, Brevity, Bluestem and Bayou Magazine.


University of Alabama, M.F.A. Creative Writing

Courses Taught

WR100 Effective Writing

WR200 Intro to Creative Nonfiction

WR353 The Contemporary Essay
WR387 Special Topics in Professional Writing: Contemporary Art


Selected Essays:

  • “The Star Essay,” The Georgia Review (2022)
  • “Emerald Encounters: Salman Toor at the BMA,” BmoreArt (2022)
  • “An Artist’s Altar to Divine Feminine Energy,” Hyperallergic (2022)
  • “Wonder Where You’re Going: Curiosity and Freshman Composition,” Writing on the Edge (2021)
  • “On Light, Falling: Virginia Woolf, Joaquín Sorolla, and Sally Mann,” Pelican Bomb (2016)
  • “On Bias: Toward Fashion,” The Georgia Review (2016)
  • “Film Review: They Glow In The Dark,” Huffington Post (2013)
  • “As I Unscrew: A Letter,” Brevity (2010)