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Continuing Education

ASPIRE is Loyola University Maryland's extended learning community and online education platform designed to provide students of all experience levels the opportunity to engage in lifelong professional and personal development.

Popular course topics include Project Management, Leadership, Cybersecurity, Entrepreneurship, and Teaching. Professional development packages are available.

ASPIRE for Alumni

All ASPIRE courses are digital and self-paced. Each course will offer a CEU certificate which will state all accreditations and certifications that are earned upon completion of the content.

Loyola University Maryland alumni are eligible for a 20% discount on ASPIRE courses. Alumni should email with a list of courses they want to take. They will receive a unique discount code to apply to their course(s) of interest.

Make an Impact

There are a number of ways to engage with Loyola as a graduate and show your Greyhound pride—from volunteering or mentoring current students to serving on a committee or advisory board to attending networking or campus events. Discover the myriad ways our Greyhound community can connect—or reconnect—with our University and one another.