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Loyola University Maryland seeks students best suited to take advantage of everything our undergraduate and graduate programs have to offer. Our Jesuit tradition of scholarship is based on the concept of cura personalis, or care for the whole person, which is why we consider merit as well as all other aspects of an applicant’s preparation to succeed as a member of our community.

Graduate Admission/"Double Greyhound" Discount

To learn more about admission to one of our graduate programs, including application fee waivers for alumni, please visit the Graduate Admission website.

A 15% tuition discount is available to Loyola alumni admitted to eligible graduate degree programs. Learn more about available graduate programs and eligibility at the Double Greyhound Alumni Discount page.

Undergraduate Admission

If you are an alum who would like to learn more about visiting campus with a future Greyhound please visit the Undergraduate Admission website or contact the Alumni Association at

Refer a Greyhound

Since Loyola's founding in 1852, we have thrived on our exceptional reputation that spans regionally, nationally, and across the world. We are proud of this network, that includes more than 70,000 alumni, 6,000 current undergraduate and graduate students, our greater Baltimore community and partners, faculty, and staff.

This reputation rests on the experiences shared by our greater community. Since you likely know someone that could benefit from the Loyola community, too—either a future undergraduate or graduate student—please take a moment to refer a Greyhound.

Refer a Future Undergraduate Student Refer a Future Graduate Student

Do you have a family member who is interested in attending Loyola? Grants are available to any incoming first-year student whose parent, stepparent, grandparent, guardian, or sibling graduated from Loyola.

Make an Impact

There are a number of ways to engage with Loyola as a graduate and show your Greyhound pride—from volunteering or mentoring current students to serving on a committee or advisory board to attending networking or campus events. Discover the myriad ways our Greyhound community can connect—or reconnect—with our University and one another.