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IgnatianQ LGBTQPIA+ and Ally Conference

IgnatianQ is a student-run and student-focused Ignatian LGBTQPIA+ conference. IgnatianQ brings together the community of LGBTQPIA+ folks (and allies) at Jesuit universities from across the U.S. We are an affirming community, brought together in part by our common experiences of marginalization and exclusion. As LGBTQPIA+ people, we believe that our own desire for social justice and the Jesuit values that inform our education are forces that can and should work together for a more just and humane world. As we explore the intersections of sexuality, gender, and spirituality together, we strive to educate and empower the whole person. Each year, IgnatianQ is hosted by a different Jesuit college/university. Loyola University Maryland hosted the 2018 IgnatianQ Conference on it’s 5th Anniversary!

2018 IgnatianQ Conference Website

In, Out, & In Between


Whether you are out, questioning, or not even sure, this group is for LGBTQPIA+ and same-gender attracted students of all backgrounds to confidentially discuss and explore aspects of gender identity and sexual orientation in a safe space. The group is support-based and is designed to encourage open discussion about gender, sexuality, religion and spirituality, coming out, relationships, family, community, and other areas of your life that may be difficult to discuss elsewhere. This group is co-sponsored by Campus Ministry and the Counseling Center.

Goals of this Group

  • To engage in conversation about stigmatized topics
  • Decrease marginalization
  • To be a place to find help and support
  • Provide space to explore identity
  • To be a space to connect with peers who share similar identities


  • Aaron Barnes, PsyD: Staff Psychologist in the Counseling Center- Pronouns: he, him, his
  • Elise Gower, M.S. – Associate Director for Programs, CCSJPronouns: she, her, hers

For more information or to sign-up, please contact: Aaron Barnes, atbarnes@loyola.edu